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Little Sandra and Her Soldier Daddy by Rose St. Andrews

Little Sandra and Her Soldier Daddy by Rose St. Andrews

After twenty-two-year-old Sandra Tate’s plane crashes in the Atlantic, she awakens in the home of Bradley Mayhew, an ex-Special Forces medic who now works as the lighthouse keeper on a small island far from the coast. Unfortunately for Sandra, the lighthouse radio is not working, so she’ll be stuck with Brad until a supply ship comes in. Frustrated and bored, Sandra tries first to talk and then to seduce Brad into using a beacon that is reserved for extreme emergencies, but in the end her persistent efforts only earn her a humiliating spanking over his knee.

When Sandra’s foolhardy attempt to take matters into her own hands and activate the beacon herself nearly ends tragically, Brad decides that some drastic changes are needed in order to keep Sandra safe while she remains under his roof. Since Sandra has behaved like a naughty little girl, from now on she will be treated like a naughty little girl. Despite her blushing protests, soon Sandra is wearing little girl clothes, taking naps in the afternoons, being spanked on her bare bottom when she is disobedient, and being cuddled and cared for by a firm but loving daddy.

To her surprise, Sandra finds that being Brad’s little girl soothes her like nothing ever has before, and when Brad takes her in his arms, her body thrills to his touch in ways she never thought possible. But when the supply ship arrives at last, offering the opportunity for Sandra to return to her old life, will she leave her daddy and her new life as his little girl?

Publisher’s Note: Little Sandra and Her Soldier Daddy is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, anal play, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rose St. Andrews

EBook Price: $3.95

Length: 36,800 words


Brad didn’t let up for one single second, not until he carried her through the entire climax. Only when she lay sweaty and spent did he ease off, and finally stop. Her muscles relaxed, she rested her chin on the table, and gradually got her breathing under control. He left the probe buried deep inside her, walked around in front of her, and took her chin in his hand. As he forced her to look up at him, she cringed.

“So, nothing wrong there either. It seems my girl is just plain naughty,” he scolded. “Well, daddy has the cure for that ailment.”

She swallowed hard as he removed the probe, released her, pulled her up to stand next to the table, and then took her place. He sat there, pulled her up and over his lap, and let her have it. He spanked her—sensually. It was slow and steady, the smacks firm and stingy, and the position only added to her embarrassment. With him sitting on the exam table, it was as if he was on a barstool, and she was just sort of hanging across him. Not only did her arms and legs dangle free, but the floor was very far away. All of it contributed to her feeling like a little girl.

She yelped and howled, all of the physical sensations overwhelmed her mind and body. Her hands clawed the air, as her mind was unable to give the proper orders to her extremities. Once more a climax built inside her, and soon cries of delight were mixing with those of pain. Lifting her head, she saw the mirror, and what she saw heightened her humiliation and excitement. A naked ‘little girl’ was over her daddy’s lap getting spanked, her cheeks growing redder by the moment, and her face contorting in pure bliss.

“Ohhh, daddy, daddyyyy, I-I-I… arrrgggg, no more, pleeeease, I don’t want, don’t want to, to… ahhh!”

“What, little Sandra, what is it you don’t want to have happen? Is it being spanked? Is it being naked over daddy’s lap? Or is it… something else?” he said, his voice husky.

“It’s-it’s… ahhh—arrrgggg,” she growled.

A light rapping caught her attention and her head whipped around. Hayden had walked in on them!

She stood in the doorway, a big old shit-eating grin on her face. “I knocked, but no one answered,” she said innocently.

Sandra began to cum harder than she’d ever cum before, and Brad looked over at Hayden, kept right on spanking, and laughed. Sandra’s climax went into the stratosphere, and she floated away on a raft of total delight. Brad was her pilot. He sat at her ‘tiller’ and ‘steered’ her upstream—up into phenomenal pleasure and pain. It was several minutes before she came down, and Hayden stood before them, a smile still on her face, and watched the whole time. Sandra finally lay limp across his lap, and Brad eased her down to stand right next to Hayden.

He then got to his feet and pointed at the corner. “Over there, little girl, nose in the corner, hands on your head, and no rubbing until daddy says so.”

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