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Lord of Punishment: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

He made me his before I even knew his name.

When a gorgeous brute with piercing eyes and a body meant for sin washed up at my lakeshore beach, everything about him screamed out in warning. But I was still soaking wet and ready for him when he stripped me bare, his mouth, his hands, and his belt all demanding my complete surrender.

Then I learned the truth.

My guest is Sabatino DiMaggio, the Don of one of Baltimore’s most powerful crime syndicates.

And I belong to him now.



Publisher’s Note: Lord of Punishment is the first book in the Lords of Corruption series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 93,500 words


There was no question as to whether or not I would allow him to claim my dark hole or whether I wanted him to do so. He was taking what he wanted. When he pressed the tip against my asshole, I stiffened. Only once had I been taken this way and I’d told myself I’d die before I’d allow it to happen again.

Yet here I was, basking in the afterglow and warmth of one of the most powerful orgasms I’d had in my life, not resisting him in the least.

“My sweet nectar of the gods,” he mused, laughing darkly as he pushed the tip further inside. “Just breathe for me and I’ll make you feel like you’ve never felt before.”

Another oddity. I knew he wasn’t lying even as the discomfort drifted into a wash of pain. I bit back another cry, doing everything I could to try to relax, shocked that the slight agony quickly faded, leaving an entirely different kind of ache.

Still, I couldn’t stop shaking.

When he was fully seated inside, he wrapped his arms and his entire body around me, pressing the full weight of his chest against my back. It was one of the most comforting feelings I’d had in as long as I could remember. I felt safe and protected, a luxury that hadn’t been in my grasp for so very long.

Neither one of us said anything, but the feel of his throbbing cock created an entirely different wave of dancing vibrations. I never wanted the moment to end, even if a slight moment of rationality had already begun to settle in.

This wasn’t romance nor was it anything normal. And having him here definitely wasn’t something I needed, no matter how amazing he made me feel. I wiggled under him, questioning my sanity all over again. The deep sigh I let out seemed to awaken the sleeping beast. He nipped my earlobe, darting the tip of his tongue into the shell of my ear before pulling almost all the way out, instantly driving his cock inside all over again.

He repeated his brutal actions several times, each hard thrust pushing air from my lungs and a growl from the depths of his being. This had to be what they called primal mating. The thought almost made me smile since I’d recently used the term in one of my books.

But that’s all this was, a beautiful fantasy that would fade away as it should.

He drove into me again, picking up speed until his plunges became relentless, the force almost driving me into the bed. Several moans escaped my lips, the tingling sensations only continuing to build.

And in the next several seconds, he suddenly stiffened, biting down on my shoulder. As he released, I closed my eyes, basking in the warmth and trying to find the courage to shut him down. His entire body spasmed and I licked my lips, fighting a new wave of nerves. He licked where he’d bitten and I was thrown into another feeling of bliss, never wanting the sweet moment to end.

“Perfect,” he whispered.