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Lord of Retribution: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

By the time I made a run for it, I was already wearing his ring.

It was an offer a broke girl with bills to pay and a sick mother to care for couldn’t refuse. Marry a man I’ve never met without asking too many questions, and all of my troubles would be over.

I didn’t know he was a mob boss until it was too late.

When I tried to back out, I ended up locked in his bedroom with my punished ass burning inside and out and his seed dripping down my thighs… along with my own shameful arousal.

Because as much as I hate the thought of belonging to a man like him, every time he looks at me my body reminds me that I already do.


Publisher’s Note: Lord of Retribution is the third book in the Lords of Corruption series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 99,400 words


Fucking her long and hard was easy, but I was ready to claim another forbidden part of her. When I pressed my thumb into her dark hole, she stiffened as I’d anticipated she would.

“Relax, my lovely wife. This will only hurt for a few seconds. But I can’t wait to make this dirty and depraved. Just like you prefer it.”

“That’s not true,” she countered.

“Are you certain of that?” I allowed a series of growls as I continued fucking her tight pussy. I wanted her to come, to be wrapped up in a moment of pure ecstasy before I claimed her tight asshole. I continued driving my thumb inside her forbidden hole while I fucked her long and hard, savoring the way she was doing everything she could to buck against me.

I was suddenly high on her breath sounds and the scent of her delicious pussy, the moment intoxicating.

“Yes. Yes,” she moaned, but she wasn’t a good liar. That much I could see.

As her body began to shudder more involuntarily than before, I pumped harder and faster, remaining the brute I’d always been. The moment her body started to spasm, I gripped her hip, digging my fingers into her soft skin.

“Oh,” she cried. “Oh. Yes. Yes!”

“That’s it. God, I love the sounds you make.” I no longer recognized my voice, the deep rumble more beast than man.

The way she erupted, her climax rolling through her in wave after wave was a beautiful sight, almost as much as the way as she bit her lower lip around me when she was nervous. The feel of her pussy muscles clamping down tightly was almost enough to make me lose control.

But I quickly regained it, slowing down as her body began its floating descent from the crest of euphoria. My, wasn’t I poetic on this gorgeous morning? When she was doing nothing more than panting, I pulled my cock free, taking a few seconds to ease the tip into her asshole.

When she tensed, I cracked my hand on her backside, her laugh a delicious and unexpected reward. It would seem I’d been right about her needing and enjoying harsh discipline. That would be a joy to provide. I pushed another two inches inside, allowing her muscle to stretch. She was hot, so much so I was certain my cock would be blistered. But what the hell did I care?

Her pants turned into another few moans then a scattered scream as I thrust the remainder inside.

“Oh, God. Oh… That hurts.”

“Breathe, baby. Just fucking breathe.” While she followed my command, she continued shaking but since I was a man with no patience, I only allowed her a few seconds more before developing a rhythm that would push us both over the edge.

I raked my fingers down her spine, grinning from the sight of the goosebumps popping down both arms in almost the same rhythm. It was strange and amazing how affected we were by the other, as if karma had slapped us together. Darkness and light. The thought felt like an intense rebellion developing and maybe it would be, but the vows were set in stone.

Or blood.

She was mine.

Forever mine.