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Lord of Ruin: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

Yesterday he saved my life. Today he took me captive.

I expected opening a brand-new veterinary clinic in New York City to be difficult, but I didn’t anticipate being forced to dig a bullet out of the arm of a mafia kingpin on my very first day, let alone being taken captive and carried off to his estate with my ass still burning from his belt.

He claims this is for my protection, but as this Greek god of a mob boss brings my helplessly bound body to one quivering orgasm after another the truth becomes more and more clear.

I’m his now, and he’s keeping me.



Publisher’s Note: Lord of Ruin is the fourth book in the Lords of Corruption series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 95,300 words


She jerked, straining against the rope once again, even rising to her toes all by herself. There was something spectacular about the way her inner thighs were coated with her juice, another draw that I couldn’t ignore or avoid. I swirled my tongue around her clit several times, taking a couple of deep breaths before pulling the tender tissue completely into my mouth.

I was certain I’d died and gone to heaven, the taste was that sweet. There was no doubt I could feast for hours, savoring every drop as she climaxed hard and often. But we were in the middle of the woods. Whether my property or not, I wasn’t a fan of being out in the open.

It wasn’t about making the first time quick and easy, but I’d settle for hard and fast. I chuckled, my breath blowing against her slickened skin. I continued my feast, sucking on her nub until I was certain it was tender and sensitive.

As I dragged my tongue all the way down the length of her pussy, I sensed she would have collapsed had the rope not been holding her against the tree. I was like a thirsty man who’d barely survived time in the desert, licking and thrusting my tongue deep into her tight channel as if I couldn’t get enough to quench my thirst.

Jenna writhed in my hold, still rocking back and forth as her moans escalated. We were disturbing nature but who cared? I added several fingers to the mix, plunging them inside, flexing them open after doing so. The way her muscles clamped and released only enticed me that much more. I had no trouble complying with her body’s needs, giving her exactly what she craved. Worshipping her pussy.

“Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.”

I adored the sounds she made, the little snorts of happiness that increased with every passing minute. And I could tell she was close to an orgasm. I backed off on purpose, doing nothing more than pumping a single finger inside. I could tell she wanted more by the way she pushed her hips back as far as possible, using her actions to beg me to continue.

After teasing her for a full minute, I resumed my delicious task, burying both my head and my fingers into her. My face would be covered with her sweet juice, and I couldn’t care less who knew that once we returned to the house.

Maybe this was my way of laying claim to her. How truly Neanderthal. When her body started to shake more violently than before, I pressed her ass cheeks apart, driving my thumb into her dark hole.

She was shocked and nerve racked, laughing and moaning at the same time. But almost immediately, my filthy actions drove her into an intense climax. Her body was shaking, her moans breaking up and the flood of her juice on my tongue incredible. Within two seconds, my throat was filled, the wild animal in me wanting more. More. More.

I licked ferociously, using all four fingers to push her into another orgasm. This one was more powerful than the first, her scream filtering into the late afternoon light. I was thrilled with the way she was letting go, allowing herself to enjoy, even if I had a feeling it would be short lived. Soon, she’d return to her same rebellious self, which would prompt my brain to figure out that different way of getting through to her.

But for now, I’d elongated the sinful moment as long as possible until she was gasping for air, her body twitching involuntarily.

Only then did I rise to my feet, shifting to the side and pinching her chin. When I pressed my mouth over hers, longing for her to experience her intense sweetness, I didn’t need to push my tongue past her lips. She opened them voluntarily, allowing me access, even swishing her tongue back and forth across mine.

This kiss was even more intimate than the one before. I took my time but my cock was aching to the point I couldn’t stand it any longer. When I broke the moment of intimacy, I noticed her eyes were slightly dilated.

“Perfect. Now, I’m going to finish what I started.”

“What? Meaning what?” she dared to ask.

“Now, I claim your sweet pussy with my cock. Next, I’ll own your dark hole as well. And imagine, my beautiful enchantress. After that, you’ll belong to a very bad man. Isn’t that what you’ve fantasized about your entire life?”