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Lord of Vice: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

He took me in off the street. Then he took me as his.

Kraven Sokolov isn’t the kind of man who tolerates being stolen from, even when it’s just a girl who’s been living out of her car hoping to get away with a quick dine and dash at his restaurant.

By the time my punishment was over, I was on my knees with my bare ass bright red and arousal dripping down my thighs as I showed this infamous Bratva Pakhan how good of a girl I could be.

Then he took me home with him, and every caress and climax made the truth more apparent.

I belong to him now.



Publisher’s Note: Lord of Vice is the fifth book in the Lords of Corruption series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 96,100 words


I shoved the belt back through the loops, not bothering to fasten it just yet. When I sensed she was ready to try to bolt like a terrified fawn, I pulled her back against me, immediately sliding my hand under the front hem of her dress.

“What are you doing?” She struggled but not nearly with as much gusto as she’d done so many other times before.

I continued brushing the tips of my fingers up and down the inside of her thigh as I pushed my face into her neck. Her skin was hot, her breath skipping. “Whatever I want.”

“No. Just…”

As soon as I flicked a flinger across the lace covering her pussy, she moaned and I took a deep breath, savoring the fragrance of her desire. Her panties were soaked, more so than I’d originally believed. Maybe my innocent girl thrived on a powerful man keeping her in line. I was so enthralled I slipped my fingers under the thin elastic, immediately swirling the tip around her clit.

I felt her knees buckle and wrapped my arm around her waist to keep her from falling. “You’re wet for me, ideal’naya penni, yet you say you can’t stand me. Isn’t that what you call an oxymoron?” I continued my brash actions, including nipping her earlobe.

She giggled, shaking her head. “No, you’re called the moron.”

When I pinched her tender bud between two fingers, she bucked and slapped her hand against the counter.

“Remember what I said about cause and effect? Obedience versus disobedience?” I continued taunting her, now rolling a single finger up and down her slickened pussy.

“Yes.” The single word was issued through clenched teeth.

“Well, good girls receive not only the dessert of their choice but whatever pleasure their hearts desire.” I fanned out my fingers against her waist, grinding my hips back and forth so she knew exactly what she did to me.

But it was the way her body responded as I slowly finger fucked her that had me reeling from the vicious hunger that was ready to explode in my system. I closed my eyes, envisioning her naked body as I thrust one, two, then three fingers into her tight channel. As her pussy muscles clamped around the invasion, I was taken back to the initial moment of shock at how tight she’d been.

As her soft whimpers escalated, I used my knee to push her legs further apart. I allowed my actions to become rougher, plunging brutally as deep inside as possible. While she continued to undulate in my hold, she wasn’t fighting to escape, merely struggling to allow me deeper access.

I yearned for more of it.

When I opened my eyes again, both of us staring at our combined reflection, I could tell she was close to coming by the way her chest rose and fell. So I slowed down, if only for a minute or so. She was far too gone, bucking her hips against my hand, her way of encouraging me to continue.

“My good little girl,” I whispered, knowing that wouldn’t last for very long. And I didn’t want it to. I liked her bad and precocious, pushing my boundaries as no one had done before. We were gyrating together as I resumed a more savage thrust, now rolling my thumb around her clit at the same time. My cock was throbbing more than it had been at the table.

I would need relief at some point, but my gut told me we’d be interrupted soon, displacing our sweet moment of filth.

“Do you want to come for me, Red Penny?”

“Uh-huh.” She could no longer speak, her voluptuous lips forming a perfect O as she flitted one hand over the one pressing her against me. The touch was more electric than before, locking down the connection.

“Then do it. Come on my fingers.”