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Lucy and the Doctors Prescribes Two #2 Spots

Ava Sinclair‘s most retop100_lucyandhedoctorscent release, Lucy and the Doctors, is currently holding the #2 spot in Amazon’s Victorian Erotica and Historical Erotica categories! Congratulations, Ava!

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★★★★★  sicomono @ “Hot doctors” on February 25, 2016
This was a hot book by Ava, phew my kindle was burning, loved the story, looking forward to more of Ava’s books.

★★★★★  SH @ “Just lovely!” on February 24, 2016
A lovely romance that is not expected given the circumstances. I read this in one sitting as I was hooked from page one, turning page after page, and I would have happily kept right on reading. A steamy read with a hint of a soft gentle AP. Don’t miss this one!

★★★★★  SXC8189 @ “Lucy’s Sexual Healing & Emancipation!” on February 23, 2016
This was an interesting and delightful story that gives the reader a brief glimpse into the medical views and treatments of sexual dysfunction among women during the Victorian era. In the opening chapter we meet Drs. Thomas Allard & Benedict Crane who have a thriving practice where they provide help for women who may or may not be suffering from a sexual malady. I found this chapter to be quite entertaining as we are introduced to a method of treating frigidity in women. Mrs. Haversham accompanied by her husband is having a bolus (capsule) inserted anally, which is then slowly absorbed into her body. This mixture acts as an aphrodisiac by lowering a woman’s inhibitions while heightening her arousal and sensitivity to touch, thus allowing her the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of sex with her husband. Amusing really when you picture a prim & proper woman allowing herself to be subjected to this type of medical treatment!

Thomas and Benedict are looking for a research subject suffering from nymphomania to study when they receive word from Dr. Litman, who oversees St. Bart’s Asylum, that he has a new arrival that would be perfect for them. Lucy Priven finds herself in the asylum, drugged and in a straitjacket, after her husband Judge Bonham falsely accuses her of being a whore and a diseased nymphomaniac after a traumatic wedding night. Upon seeing her, Drs. Allard & Crane decide to take Lucy as their research subject.

Once in their care, Lucy is given a brief examination by Thomas to assess her current condition. Discovering that Lucy is still a virgin, both men now realize a grave injustice has been done. They decide to keep Lucy and help her recover from the sexual trauma she has experienced while documenting their methods.

From here, the story takes off as Lucy blooms under the loving care of Thomas and Benedict who allow her to explore and question her burgeoning desires as a woman. Their various methods of mild age play, spanking, and dominance have an unexpected, but pleasurable result for the three of them. I enjoyed the fact that Thomas and Benedict never made Lucy feel ashamed of anything she felt or did with her body. They encouraged her to always be open and honest with them, to never be afraid of the newly awakened sexual feelings she was experiencing. Allowing Lucy to make her own decisions in certain matters, you can see her becoming a confidant young woman who is comfortable with her newfound sexuality. Of course the story wouldn’t be complete without some intrigue and danger in the form of an unexpected nemesis who comes calling.

By the end of the book, I had fallen in love with Thomas and Benedict. IMO, their unorthodox and progressive treatment of Lucy will endear them to you as well! Ava’s books are always exciting to read because you never know what new historical tidbit she is going to introduce. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, highly recommend it, and cannot wait to see what aspect of the Victorian period Ava Sinclair writes about next!!

★★★★★   Nicole H. Vela @ “you both….” on February 21, 2016
Lucy was sweet and innocent, under the impression she would be cared for and loved. Life often is a huge disappointment. Having been given to a deprave,insidious and demented man( Judge Bonham). Lucy is unceremoniously dumped into an asylum having been accused of being a nymphomaniac, she is now locked away… No prospects and no hope. Will she find love in an unlikely place? Dr. Bennett Crane and Dr. Thomas Allard, find a beauty beyond there imagination. They literally rescue her from her situation and are completely devoted to Lucy when she admit she wants a father’s love, the men are only two eager to oblige. But when the men find out Lucy’s little secret the complexity of the relationship changes. And what started innocent become sensual and erotic and when Lucy has to choose, it was the only decision….. A dark cloud is looming and threatening the very existence of this beautiful relationship. Will the men be able to protect what has become an essential part of their lives and will Lucy obey her man? Ava Sinclair delivered yet another eloquently written book. The words just transport you to another dimension, another place and time. Well written books have the power to seduce and enthrall you. Ava’s books are a reader’s delight and a pleasure to read.

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