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Made to Beg: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

First I made her beg. Then I made her mine.

Sierra Fox showed up at my door to ask for my protection, and I gave it to her… for a price. She belongs to me now, and I’m going to use her beautiful body as thoroughly as I please. The only thing for her to decide is how sore her cute little bottom will be when I’m through claiming her.

She came to me begging for help, but as her moans and screams grow louder with every brutal climax, we both know it won’t be long before she begs me for something far more shameful.




Publisher’s Note: Made to Beg is a stand-alone novel which is the fifth entry in the Mafia Masters series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 83,900 words


I added a third finger, sliding all the way inside. The heat was explosive, sending a shower of current jetting through every cell and muscle. I closed my eyes, flexing my fingers open as I thrust into her pussy in brutal actions. When I added a fourth finger, fucking her wildly, she attempted to meet every savage thrust with one of her own.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” Her moans increased in volume, her body writhing back and forth, her breath skipping.

I pumped several more times, almost bringing her to a climax. When I removed my fingers, smacking her swollen pussy lips, she whimpered, tossing her head in my direction.

“You only receive pleasure when I allow. When I discipline you, you’re going to say thank you. When I fuck you, you’re going to beg me for more.” My words were gruff, my intentions even worse. “However, only good little girls get fucked in the pussy.” I shifted my fingers from her wet heat to her puckered hole, pushing two inside.

“Oh! Oh, God!” She jerked up from the desk, tossing her head from side to side.

“And bad girls get fucked in the ass.” I thrust both fingers all the way inside, twisting and turning them as I tugged at my button and zipper, finally managing to yank my trousers past my hips. I pumped several times as I rubbed my shaft with the other hand, stroking the base. My balls ached, ready to explode.

She panted, squirming as she pressed her palms against the desk, arching her back once again. Tempting me.

Begging me in silence.

To fuck her.

To use her.

To take her.

To make her mine.

My vision was clouded as I positioned the tip of my cock at her asshole. “That’s something you need to remember.”

“Yes… sir.”

This time, her words held no animosity, merely the same kind of ravaging hunger that I had furrowing inside. I issued a series of deep growls before pushing the tip inside. When I gripped her hips, she sucked in her breath, holding it and lowering her head.

And all I could think about was defiling her.

The moment I slid the entire length inside, I threw my head back and roared. The feel of her tightness, the intense heat left me shaking. “Fuck! So tight. So good.”

An exaggerated whimper left her mouth and she twisted her head once again, only this time, a slight smile crossed her face.

As I began to pump in and out, I was forced to face a difficult realization.

I would do anything to protect her.

I would rip apart anyone who attempted to hurt her.

And I would die for her if necessary.

However, she would need to learn obedience in a stern manner, her inability to succumb evident.

She whimpered, pushing up hard from the desk, gritting her teeth when I fisted her hair, whispering in her ear.

“Training. You will find something in your room later and you will wear it for me at all times. And trust me, I will check.”

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