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Made to Pay: A Dark Mafia Romance by Tessa Morgan

I tried to cheat the devil at his own game. Now I’ll have to pay a shameful price.

When a mob boss caught me counting cards in his casino, he didn’t just teach me a hard lesson that started with him cutting off my bra and ended with him forcing me to a blushing climax.

He has much more in store for me than that.

I’m going to have to made amends in the most humiliating way possible. Until I’ve paid for my transgression, I’m his to punish, use, and enjoy… and even to share with his billionaire clients.

Except he’d kill any other man who touched me…



Publisher’s Note: Made to Pay includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Tessa Morgan

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 86,000 words


“How are you not getting this?” I growl, stalking over the patterned carpet until I’m standing right behind her. “You don’t have an opinion anymore. You don’t have a say anymore. Until you’re out of the red, your ass belongs to me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Her tone is meek, but the defiance in her eyes calls her out on the lie. I can’t fight the urge to correct her anymore. Zoey lets out an indignant squeak when I grab the back of her neck and force her down on the glass surface.

“Hands on the table.”

“What? No! Let me go!” She struggles furiously until I step closer and grind my cock against her plump ass cheek.

“Should I get my ropes?”

She mouths, ‘ropes,’ frowning, but a second later she slaps down her palms on the glass on either side of her head. She’s still glaring at me and I half-expect her to yell at me to do my worst… but I guess she’s catching on that I don’t need any encouragement at this point.

I grab the hem of her white dress and drag it up her back, baring her lower body. I force my gaze to her eyes after drinking in the sight of her naked flesh. Grabbing her cheek, I give her ass a rough squeeze. First one side, then the other. She squirms, glaring at me over her shoulder.

“Let go!”

“The next time you’re thinking about being cute, remember this.” I bring the flat of my hand down on her ass.

Her eyes narrow to slits. “Really? You’re going to spank me whenever I—”

I don’t hold back on the next slap. She cuts off with a shocked gasp, but her glare returns instantly.

“If this gets your motor running, then you’re in serious need of a shrink.” She lets out another gasp, and it’s more satisfying than the hot sting on my palm.

“Seems this is the only way I get you to stop backtalking.”

I give her another three hard slaps, at the end of which she lets out a breathless, “Okay, fuck!”

I pause, my hand raised. “Okay, what?”

“I’ll… behave.” Her eyes flicker nervously to my hand, as if she’s waiting for a sign that she’s said the magic words to make me stop spanking her.

My eyes slide down to her ass, taking in the red splotches on her creamy skin. It takes every ounce of willpower I have to release her and step back. I could have kept going… but trust is a delicate, temperamental thing. If she can’t count on me to keep to my word, how could she possibly trust any of our clients? There’s a sudden tightness in my chest at the thought of someone else touching Zoey like I just did… but I force it out as fast as it came in.

I’m glad to see she doesn’t glare at me as she straightens her dress, but there’s still a certain sulkiness around her eyes as she rubs her backside through the fabric.

When I turn and head for the door, I swear I hear her mutter, “Sicko,” under her breath. I beckon her over, and she studies me warily for a second before complying.

“What was that?” I grab her arm just above her elbow, herding her out the door.

Her face turns to stone. “Nothing.”

“Have you already forgotten your first lesson?”

She shakes her head, freezing when I tuck a chunk of damp hair behind her ear.

“Good. Because I doubt you could handle a second one just yet.”