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Mafia Doctor: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Parker Fox

He didn’t just come to take me. He came to make me his.

From the moment I was told I would be marrying him, I knew Dante Donato would come for me when he was ready, but I didn’t think even a mob boss like him would kidnap me off the street.

I was wrong.

But it wasn’t being bared and bound that broke me, or even being forced to come until I almost blacked out with the tip of the blade that just cut off my soaked panties pressed firmly against my most sensitive spot.

It was what he whispered into my ear as I lay there, still shaking from the final brutal climax.

“You’re mine now, babygirl.”

That was when I knew I’d be saying my vows even if he had to walk me down the aisle with my ass still sore from his belt.

Publisher’s Note: Mafia Doctor includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Parker Fox

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.99

Length: 37,100 words


Dipping his fingers deeper into her pussy, he decided it was time to let her know where the rest of her lesson would be learned. Slowly, deliberately, he used his index finger to make a trail of her wetness from her pussy, across her perineum, all the way to her perfect little pucker.

He circled her anus slowly once and then twice before touching the still-slick tip of the digit to the very center of her naughtiest hole. The hole that, while he couldn’t be absolutely sure, he was quite confident was a virgin one.

Not for long, he thought to himself before teasing in his finger to the first knuckle, then the second, and then a moment later all the way in. Aurora clenched her bottom tight, doing her best to prevent his invasion. Her helpless, violated asshole was clearly unaware that his finger was buried as deeply as it could go already.

“Oh my god, please, Dante! Please not there!”

“Yes, there,” he replied. “This is exactly where naughty little girls get fucked.”

He heard the audible gasp when he said fucked.

Even as she’d pleaded with him, she’d obviously been hoping desperately it would just be his finger. After giving her a moment to process his words, he slid his finger all the way back out to the first knuckle, then drove it in again fast and hard, then out, then in, keeping up a rhythm as he finger-fucked the tight, undoubtedly sore hole.

“Naughty brides get their tight little bottom holes thoroughly punished,” he said, punctuating each word with a rough thrust of his finger.

She was clenching and unclenching, her muscles flexing as her bottom did its best to expel its invader, to no avail of course. He kept thrusting for longer than he’d intended, partly because he was enjoying himself and partly because he wanted her in no doubt whatsoever that she had no say about how long and how thoroughly he was going to be having his way with her bottom.

Finally, when his cock once again made it clear to him that if he didn’t fuck one of her holes right now, he was just going to come right there in his pants, he shucked off his clothing as quickly as he could. Lifting her back onto the bed, he positioned her on her hands and knees as she had been before, forced her knees apart with his own, and pressed her head to the bed.

“Please, Dante, please just fuck my pussy…”

“This pretty pussy of yours will be very thoroughly fucked after our wedding. But the only hole you’re going to have me in tonight is this one.”

In a small act of mercy he decided to afford her this time, he popped the cap on a bottle of lube and dripped a generous amount onto the clenching ring of muscle he was about to thrust through. Driving in two fingers this time, he made sure she was lubed inside and out before dripping a little more of the lube onto his cock.

“If I have to do this again, Aurora, the only lube I’ll be using will come from your soaking wet pussy.”

She shivered at that, but the sound she made was as much a moan as it was anything else. Then, with the tip of his rigidly erect cock positioned against her virgin hole, he leaned forward, grabbed her hair in his fist to hold her in place, and said, “Bad girls get it rough.”

Without giving her a chance to ponder that, he took her bottom with a single, brutal thrust.

Aurora screamed in what he could tell was a mix of pain and grudging pleasure. He waited there for several moments, her tight pucker stretched delightfully around his thick cock.

Then he felt it. Aurora was beginning to panic. And he knew why.

She wasn’t getting used to the feel of his cock. It was far too big for that. He’d be taking her bottom often, and he was confident she’d learn to enjoy it and that she would come very, very hard, but she would most likely never get used to it. In fact, if he had his way—and he usually did—this moment of panic would happen every time he took this hole.

She tried to buck away from him, but with her hair in his fist and her hip gripped by his left hand, there was no escape. Deciding to show her how fully he was in control, he pressed her face into the sheets even further, muffling her screams, and then spoke before he began to thrust.

“You won’t get used to it, Aurora. It’s too big. It’s going to hurt the whole time.”