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Maggie Meets Two Top 100s

Maggie Meets Her Match by Dinah McLeod Top 100Dinah McLeod‘s latest book has made both the Western Romance and the Historical Romance Top 100 lists on Amazon.  Congratulations to Dinah!

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★★★★★ Tasty Cake (@ “This Was Better Than The 1st! “

This story was great it had it all. This was one of the best books it had romance, steamy sex, sexy spankings and some harsh spankings but those were given when they were deserved. I loved that you got to see Maggie and the others when they were younger and how they grew and really became a family.

★★★★★ Rochelle Landolf (@ “Amazing”

This was a great book. Sexy cowboys and the girls that love them. I liked having the back story about why Maggie was still unmarried at 29. I was wondering about that in book 1. The pain she felt when she lost her baby was so real. The depression she felt brought me to tears. Clay’s love and discipline and her sister-in-laws persistence pushed her through her healing. I love it

★★★★★ SubM (@ “Well, YES.”

A super read, well developed characters, sexy, strong alpha males, and a story that involves and captivates. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend.

★★★★★ SH (@ “Loved It!!! “

This is book two in the series and a great read! I liked Maggie’s character in book one and so appreciated being able to understand where her feelings were coming from. She definitely faced some heartbreak and Clay was just the man to help heal it. Maggie and Clay’s relationship grew into something wonderful and it was great fun to take the journey with them. I enjoyed visiting with all of the characters and getting some back story on them and their relationships. I look forward to book three and hopefully visiting the family again.

★★★★★ Missy Girl “MG” (@ “Worthy Sequel “

I have been looking forward to this for a while now. I didn’t get nearly enough Maggie and sexy Clay in book #1. We get more backstory of this charming family and lots more spankings. I enjoyed it and am wondering if there is a book 3 and 4 coming up with more of the brother’s stories. Can’t wait.

★★★★★Avid Reader (@ “Oh Baby!”

Maggie and Clay return in the second Swift Justice book. Like the first, this one is filled with sexy cowboys, hot spankings and even hotter sex that is somewhat kinky for the Wild West. All in all a great read.

★★★★★ Patricia Green (@ “Masterfully Written”

I’d like to start by saying that, while this book caught my eye right away, I was concerned that I would be lost in it since it’s listed as the second book in a series, and I haven’t read the first. I really loved the premise, though, and so I took the plunge. I’m so glad I did. This book totally stands alone. I was never lost in family details; everything was perfectly clear.

I really enjoyed Maggie Meets Her Match, and was struck by the masterful way McCleod used first person perspective to tell the tale. Usually, in first person we only get one character’s experiences, but in this case, the book is written in dual first person perspective, so we get the thoughts and experiences of our hero, Clay, as well.

Maggie is a woman of deep emotions, who doesn’t always keep a governor on her behavior. She is deceived by a man young In life and gives up on finding someone to love. Enter Clay. He’s a steady influence, not without sympathy for Maggie, but unwilling to accept her bad conduct. Maggie finds her heart again when she find Clay.

It all looks like the simplest of happy ever afters, but tragedy strikes, nearly tearing the couple apart. Maggie struggles against despair, but Clay is always true to her, offering solid ground when she flounders.

Maggie Meets Her Match is a lovely story with a very satisfying ending. Though they have their travails, as a reader, I always felt connected to these two, as though they were friends. I highly recommend Maggie Meets Her Match. I know you’ll enjoy this wonderful spanking romance as much as I did.

★★★★★ Jeanped (@ “A Fun Read…”

I really enjoyed this book since the heroines is super feisty (most times) and the hero is very strong and dominant… This is the second book in the “Swift Justice” series and although you really do not have have to read the first of the series, but it will definitely add to your enjoyment of the book if you do read the initial book in the series… This is not a book that will be enjoyed by everybody, but I would definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy a feisty heroin and a dominant man who warms the heroins bottom.

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