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Manhandled: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Sara Fields

Two hours ago, my ship reached the docks at Dryac.

An hour ago, a slaver tried to drag me into an alley.

Fifty-nine minutes ago, a beast of a man knocked him out cold.

Fifty-eight minutes ago, I told my rescuer to screw off, I could take care of myself.

Fifty-five minutes ago, I felt a thick leather belt on my bare backside for the first time.

Forty-five minutes ago, I started begging.

Thirty minutes ago, he bent me over a crate and claimed me in the most shameful way possible.

Twenty-nine minutes ago, I started screaming.

Twenty-five minutes ago, I climaxed with a crowd watching and my bottom sore inside and out.

Twenty-four minutes ago, I realized he was nowhere near done with me.

One minute ago, he finally decided I’d learned my lesson, for the moment at least.

As he leads me away, naked, well-punished, and very thoroughly used, he tells me I work for him now, I’ll have to earn the privilege of clothing, and I’m his to enjoy as often as he pleases.

Publisher’s Note: Manhandled includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 49,300 words


I knelt with his cum dripping down my face and my pussy throbbing between my legs. He leaned down and gripped the hair at the base of my scalp, forcing me to my feet once more. Quickly, he turned me so that I faced the center of the market and that’s when I saw the audience that had gathered.

A crowd of people circled around us, close but far enough away so that they wouldn’t interfere or interrupt what was happening. Several other people walked by and an even larger quantity of people didn’t even bat an eye at what was being done to me.

I stood there, bare below the waist with my pants and panties tangled around my ankles and cum dripping down my face, and not a single one of them reached out to rescue me. I choked back a cry and tried to remain strong, but it was hard. I should have known it would be like this though. I’m sure these people had seen much worse than a girl getting spanked and then fucked in the ass in the middle of the market.

This man was big. He was an alien and likely no one wanted to mess with a guy as tough and as strong as he was.

His hand still tight in my hair, he bent me back over, forcing my head up so that I had to stare out at the ground. I whimpered, feeling the heated head of his cock press against my bottom hole once more. Just then, the tip of his cock began to rotate, slowly circling my tight rim. Crying out with shame, I stared out into the crowd while his cock pushed inside me, filling me so shamefully and so much more publicly than before.

I had felt like I was punished before, but all that paled to this.

Eyes stared into mine as the man’s cock took my ass, inch by inch. His fist tightened, pulling my head up and forcing me to arch into him and take all of him. He pushed into me more easily this time, but it still hurt, and I cried out because of it. The burning sensation rushed at me hot and heavy and I shuddered, trying to relax so the worst of it would fade.

The crowd surrounding us murmured things about the expression on my face, about how my thighs were coated with my own wetness, about the seed dripping down my face and onto my lips. It was so shameful, so punishing, and so incredibly arousing at the same time.

I moaned, the sound low in my throat.

“Naughty little girl, getting her ass fucked in front of all these people,” he murmured just loud enough for me to hear, and I blushed. He chose that moment to slam his hips into mine, jostling me hard enough to make my breasts bounce and a gasp of shock escape my lips.

“Please,” I begged. I didn’t quite know what I was asking for though. I wanted this to stop and then I didn’t.

I hated to admit it, but I was more turned on than ever. Fuck. How was this happening to me? Just an hour ago, I had landed on Dryac, just searching for work. How the hell had I ended up half-naked with my naked ass strapped and fucked?

My clit throbbed greedily between my legs. I wanted to come. Again.

My scalp burned, delicious agony arcing down to my core. My ass felt sore and used, but still, I couldn’t get enough. He fucked me hard, far harder than before, and I could feel the achy sting of his use coursing through my body.

I was his to fuck, wherever and whenever he wished, even if it meant in the middle of a busy market square. Every thrust made me cry out. With pain or pleasure I didn’t know, but it didn’t really matter.

I felt ashamed and I felt naughty, but most of all, I felt needy.

I wanted to come. No. I needed to come.

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