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Marked Brides: Six Alpha Shifter Romances by Maren Smith, Morganna Williams, Delta James, Pepper North, Allysa Hart, and Lesley Clark

First they were sold. Now they will be marked and mated.

Marked Brides is a collection featuring six brand-new, scorching hot shifter romances from six wonderfully talented authors. This exquisitely sexy box set includes the following novellas:

Versoth Bride by Maren Smith

Josie anticipated hardship when she agreed to work on Terra Arcus, but she didn’t expect to be stripped bare, put on the auction block, and sold to the highest bidder with her bottom still sore from a strapping to curb her defiance. Though she escapes the brutes who bought her, she soon ends up in the hands of three even more fearsome beasts who decide to claim her as their mate.

Mate of the Mamuut by Morganna Williams

When Shiloh arrives on Terra Arcus she quickly discovers that she has been deceived. She was not brought to this planet to study the native wildlife, but to be sold at auction. As the giant beast who bought her carries her off, she quickly discovers that he will not hesitate to spank her soundly for any disobedience before claiming her beautiful body long and hard and thoroughly.

Wildcat by Delta James

Upon awakening to find a rugged brute in her cabin claiming to be her mate, Salem expresses her lack of interest in accompanying him to his planet by means of a knife thrown at his head. Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t asking, and she will be coming with him to Terra Arcus whether she likes it or not. The only thing up to her is how sore her bottom will be when they arrive.

A Polar Hope by Pepper North

After losing her job on Earth, Marisol signs up for a cultural exchange program with Terra Arcus, but upon her arrival she is stripped and put up for auction. When the northern clan chief recognizes her as his own, he claims her and escorts her back to his lands. While their future children are the hope for the clan’s survival, she captures her stern mate’s heart as well. He will ease her adaptation to her new life with a firm hand and a loving embrace.

Daddy’s Stowaway by Allysa Hart

When Callie is caught stowing away aboard a ship bound for Terra Arcus, she ends up in the custody of a stern, handsome scientist who quickly takes on the role of her firm-handed daddy. Her efforts to deceive him soon earn her a sound spanking on her bare bottom followed by a thorough, intimate medical examination, and before long he has decided to claim her as his mate.

Their Fated Mate by Lesley Clark

After signing a contract to spend a year on Terra Arcus performing medical research, Natalie is shocked to instead find herself being stripped and put on shameful display on the auction block. One look at her beautiful naked body convinces an alpha wolf and his beta to buy her, and to her surprise it isn’t long before their dominance awakens an uncontrollable mating fever within her.

Publisher’s Note: The books of Marked Brides include spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this collection.

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Authors: Maren Smith, Morganna Williams, Delta James, Pepper North, Allysa Hart, and Lesley Clark

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 160,000 words


A deep menacing growl came from the red-haired man who called himself Drakier as he stepped between her and the dark hairy man. The other man gave another quick snarl and a flash of teeth before he turned and jumped down from the stage.

The red-haired giant turned to study her nude form with a satisfied smile.

Shiloh shivered as the man approached her, studying her naked body closely. Even with her height he towered over her, making him at least seven and a half feet tall. He wore tight leather-looking breeches and a matching vest that left a large portion of his chest bare, exposing the thick red pelt of hair that covered it.

Bright emerald green eyes stared into her own as one big hand came up to stroke a finger down her cheek. “I am well pleased with you, little one.”

Shiloh swallowed her mouth suddenly dry as she glared up at him. “This is barbaric! I demand that you return me to Earth this instant!”

The giant man simply laughed. “My mate has spirit and will breed fine young!”

A loud cheer rang up from the audience along with cries of “Mamuut!”

“You can’t do this! We are human beings… we have rights!” she cried out as he palmed one of her large breasts. To her shame her nipple began to tighten in response to his rough handling.

He stroked his other hand down her back with a growling rumble that was almost soothing as the hand cupping her breast released it to run down her belly and hold her sex.

“No!” Shiloh cried out, pulling ineffectively against bonds she couldn’t see that seemed to have her body locked into this humiliatingly lurid pose. Her eyes closed in horror when she felt her body respond to the fingers probing her nether lips and his pleased growl.

“Look at me, little mate,” he said firmly.

She squeezed her eyes together more tightly, praying this moment would end.

“Look at me!” This time the command was accompanied by several sharp slaps to her naked ass.

Shiloh’s eyes sprang open as she released a squeal of protest. “Owww!”

“Look at me.” The words were spoken in a gentler tone but the command was just as implicit.

Helplessly she looked up into his bright emerald eyes. Just as her eyes made contact with his, one thick finger slid deep inside of her, making her breath catch in her throat.

“Oh, god!” she whimpered as his finger began to pump in and out of her tight channel.

When she would have closed her eyes again, overwhelmed by the intensity of what was happening, another sharp slap landed on her ass. Her eyes widened as she looked up at the sheer willpower in his eyes. “You will keep your eyes on me as we show the Mamuut and all the other clans watching that your body recognizes its master.”

“No, please… I… you can’t do this… please… owwww!” She ended on a wail as he began to spank her ass hard and fast, leaving no place on her full globes untouched. Even as the stinging fire in her bottom grew, the finger pumping in and out of her pussy never paused, driving her need higher and higher.

“You belong to me… Drakier! Tell me… tell them!” he commanded, pulling his finger out of her tight sheath only to return with two stretching her poor channel forcefully as he drove his fingers in and out of her while continuing to spank her.

Tears trickled down Shiloh’s cheeks even as she felt her body go softer and wetter for him as if she were begging for his possession. When his thumb began to make little circles over her swollen clitoris she couldn’t stop herself from moaning. “Please… you can’t make me do this… please!”

She wasn’t even sure anymore if she was begging him to stop or to make her come. Her belly was starting to tighten almost uncomfortably with the need to orgasm. “Tell me who you belong to.”

Drakier continued to hold her eyes as his fingers fucked harder and harder, taking her right to the edge. The pressure on her clit from his thumb was fleeting and light, keeping her riding the edge.

“Oh, god… please… please, Drakier…” Shiloh whimpered, need clawing at her belly.

“Who do you belong to?” Drakier asked her, the authority in his tone absolute.

“You! I belong to Drakier of the Mamuut!” she cried out as his thumb began to rub her clit in hard little circles while his fingers pounded in and out of her without mercy until she stiffened and then exploded with a scream of pleasure.

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