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Marshal’s Law Rounds Up Two Top 100 Spots!

Marshal's Law by Maddie Taylor

Congrats to Maddie Taylor! Marshal’s Law hasn’t been out long, but it’s been packing a punch! Readers are loving it all over the place, and it’s been flying out the door with amazing sales numbers! Marshal’s Law is sitting pretty on not one, but two Amazon Top 100 Lists; Time Travel Romance and Western Romance.  We’re positive that you’ll love it, too, so don’t hesitate to buy a copy and get snuggled in for a toe-curling romance!

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See what readers are already saying about this book!


★★★★★  (loveskitten) “Five Stars for MT!”

This book is wonderful! You will laugh and cry as Taylor takes you on a journey of emotions. This story is sexy, romantic and sweet all at once. I highly recommend it!

★★★★★  (Avid Reader) “Compelling, Intriguing, and Unique!”

This book was different from any Western I’ve ever read. Because Janelle finds herself back in time, the story mixed the old west with a touch of present day. The story moves along a quite a good pace and it’s hard to put down because each chapter leaves you with the compelling urge to keep going. I found myself laughing in the beginning, especially when Janelle try’s to re-create her fast food feast for the family. Midway through I was biting my nails with worry and then I couldn’t stop reading until I knew the girl was safe.
The author really does a compelling job at pulling you into Aron and Janelle’s story. I was able to put myself right there with this couple and see what was happening as it happened. Aron was so easy to fall in love with and Janelle had just the right amount of sass to keep her man on his toes. I found the ending of the book very unique.
I love this book and so will anyone who reads it.

★★★★★  (a) “Highly Recommend!”

Wonderful book. I read snippets from the Saturday blog and could not wait for it to come out. This book had all the emotional elements…..I cried , laughed, and cheered for Janelle and Aaron. Highly recommend! I only hope there will be future stories about Heath and Luke finding their HEA.

★★★★★  (Chloe) “Kudos to Ms. Taylor, she’s done it again! I loved it.”

What an original story! I loved it. The creativity of intertwining the two eras was awesome… Old west morals meets modern day feminism which was hilarious at times. Janelle’s reaction to a 1878 “modern” bathroom is too funny. There is so much packed into this novel, which is not your usual short 40-50K words, it is a whooping 93K but I still read it in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down. There is humor, history (done without sounding like a history lesson) a sexy lawman and a cute modern day nurse, a loving family, hot sex, hotter spankings, an emotional struggle, intrigue, and evil forces working against these two where the chemistry simply leaps off the page. I loved it and didn’t want it to end. And by the way… the ending will knock your socks off!

★★★★★  (Julie Kijek) “Cowboys, Spankings and a bit of Rod Serling

I simply loved this newest offering from Maddie Taylor. Janelle is a 21st century nurse who finds herself transported back in time to 1878 after loosing control of her car. Unable to remember just how she got there, she finds herself bleeding in a jail cell. Aaron is marshal in a small Wyoming town. Sparks fly and Janelle is introduced to the strict standards of the time as well as a hefty dose of DD. Forced to marry her to prevent Janelle from being sent to a mental asylum, the two embark on a rocky road that leads to their HEA.

This book was outstanding to say the least. Just the right amount of spankings and sex. Mixed in with a great storyline. I loved how MT makes the impossible seem possible. The reader is never given an explanation as to just HOW Janelle comes to be in the past and we are left to use our imagination. I loved how Janelle finds a way to reach her parents and tell them that she is fine and living happily in the past. The epilog ties up the book so well. Janelle continues to pass on messages to her parents, knowing it will be over 100 years before they will read them. The last two pages of the book are pure magic as Janelle’s parents……., well I won’t ruin it for you. Let’s just say I laughed,I cried and I cheered. Maddie Taylor is an auto download for me. When I see a new book out by her I just buy it. I am hoping MT will make this a trilogy and give us Heath and Luke’s stories also.

★★★★★  (_SH) “Adored This Story!!”

Maddie Taylor has become one of my favorite authors, I just love the way she writes and the fact that her books have some length! I much prefer a great story with a true, detailed plot over a short novella and this book does just that. Janelle is a spitfire and when she meets Aaron, and I thought the concept for the plot was fantastic, the chemistry is spot on. I tried so hard to read in one sitting but with the holidays and family I had to keep putting it down, and frankly, it was driving me crazy because I couldn’t wait to read the rest! I would rate this book higher than 5 stars if I could because it is well worth it. What are you waiting for? Click and buy it, you won’t be disappointed by any means!! I certainly hope we will see future books with Heath and Luke….hint hint… Great job Ms. Taylor!

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