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Mastered by the Alpha: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Penelope Woods

He found me in a breeding facility. Then he took me for himself.

The moment I felt his hands roam over my quivering bare body as if it belonged to him already, I knew what Lenkarian had in mind. He didn’t come here merely to punish and interrogate me.

He came to claim me for himself.

But as he carries me off, spanks me thoroughly, and ravages me roughly and shamefully, I know this alpha brute intends to do much more than just mount and rut me like the savage beast he is.

He’s going to master me completely. Then he’s going to breed me.



Publisher’s Note: Mastered by the Alpha is a stand-alone novel which is the second book of the Savage Alphas series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Penelope Woods

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 56,000 words


A low growl emanates from my throat. “Show me your bottom, angel.”

Her soft body trembles, and her heels dig into me, fighting against my grip. I glide my hand underneath her thigh, hooking her leg over my shoulder. I stroke her soft, cool skin, and she gasps. I slowly tease my fingertip across her ass. Her body is as smooth and delicate as porcelain, and I wonder if the thrust of my cock might make her shatter.

Her heat is strong, catching me with a deep floral aroma that takes control. It pulls me in, and I’m just not strong enough to say no to my inner alpha drive. I flip her onto her knees, easing her thighs apart, noticing how easy she is to handle.

She looks back at me with the sweetest eyes and whispers, “Spank me again…”

No longer willing to hold back, I bring my palm down upon her flesh with swift force, swatting her ass hard and fast. Her fingers root into the dry earth, the lips of her sex swelling, exposing her wetness. Heat demands more discipline. As if her trembling body isn’t enough of a sight, she lets out the softest moan.

If this is her way of getting into my head, it’s working.

I rub the red handprints upon her soft cheeks, gently smacking the backs of her thighs for good measure. I slide my fingers along the opening of her pussy, watching her body react. Each light bounce of her hips is a reward for my restraint. The smooth seam of her sex parts with ease, warm slick coating my fingertips as I ease them inside her. The faint scent of vanilla and lavender floats to my nostrils. I thrust within her slowly. She fits so tight around my knuckles I can’t resist adding a third finger.

I tease her open further, kissing the side of her neck, until she’s clutching my hand desperately. “Give me more,” she coos.

She demands pleasure, and I can’t deny her needs. Especially when I have so many of my own.

Her toes curl, chest trembling with each breath. My cock is as hard as the earth beneath my feet, and I must have her. I hear her moan, and the sound is more erotic than any words could ever be. Sweat beading my forehead, I bring my hand back and spank her again.

I punish her ass as I toy with her pussy with my other hand. I friction her clit with my thumb, the tiny, swollen bud simmering with heat.

I’m too far gone, a savage maniac with a love for virgin pussy. She feels so good. So soft. She’s impossibly vulnerable against my hand. I let go, bringing my wet fingers to her mouth. She tastes her sweetness for me, lips rolling down to the knuckle. I come forward, her kiss feeding it back to me. She tastes so sweet and knowing she’s all mine makes this even sweeter. My cock is a firm idol between my legs for her to worship. I’m going to teach her how to stay faithful.

Her eyes light up. “Oh, my…”

As I bring my palm down upon her ass for one last spanking, she lets out a deep groan that sends my cock into overdrive. “Beg for it,” I command.

“Show me what it’s like,” she says.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Show me what it’s like… to be fucked by an alpha.”