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Mastered by the Highlanders by Katie Douglas – Extended Preview

Mastered by the HighlandersHead hung low, eyes downcast, she went to leave the room, then decided that stubbornness had gotten her into this mess, so stubbornness would get her out again. Shaking slightly at the thought of showing her submission, she strode back to his seat and, without saying a word, because he’d never said she could speak again, she knelt on the floor before him and slightly to one side, so he wouldn’t trip over her if he tried to leave.

At first she expected him to say or do something in response to her kneeling before him, but as the time passed and he completely ignored her, she began to wonder why she was doing this.

Was she simply trying to win? Or was she trying to prove that she was his? Did she really want him to know how deeply she felt about him?

The day grew late and still he did not acknowledge her. Her thoughts shifted from introspection to Andrew. He clearly had something in that room that he did not want her to see. Well, she hadn’t seen it, but that did not matter. She had breached his trust and she didn’t know how to make it right.

There, she thought, right there was the answer to why she was doing this. Because she wanted to be his, to serve him, and did not have any other way of showing it. If he still did not want her, then that was his choice but she felt he needed to know that she wanted to stay, regardless of what he said or did.

Her bottom ached from the spanking and her ankles were deeply protesting this position, but she refused to move. She did not know what else to do, and she would wait here until Andrew’s next instruction, regardless of whether that was “suck my cock” “bend over for another spanking” or—and the tears came silently again—“get out of my castle.”

The tears had stopped and long since dried on her face, the light was fading, and still she knelt. Andrew appeared to be doing something but she had no idea what, because she had kept her eyes downcast the entire time.

As the last vestiges of light disappeared in the room, Andrew finally spoke to her.

“Get some candles lit in here, lass, then go and clean yourself up or you’ll be late serving dinner,” he said gruffly.

Callie’s heart rose. Stiffly, she got to her feet.

“Yes, master,” she said, then put her hand over her mouth. She hadn’t meant to say that.

He stared at her, his face inscrutable, then he raised one eyebrow.

“Oh, it’s like that, is it?” he said. Callie didn’t know what to say, so she bowed her head and lit the candles. Blushing furiously, she scurried out of the room and headed in the direction of the kitchen.

“Ah, Callie, I’ve been looking everywhere for you, where’ve you been?” Brandon was coming down the kitchen steps. Callie looked up at him.

“You’ve been crying—whatever’s happened?” he asked with concern.

“I… did something pretty awful, sir,” she said with a sniffle.

“Well, it can’t be as bad as you think,” Brandon said.

“I think you should talk to Andrew about it,” she said, keen that he shouldn’t judge the situation based on his need to keep her safe. “Then decide how bad it was.”

“I see,” Brandon said. “Well, worry not, my wee lassie, I’m sure it’ll all be right soon.”

Callie tried to smile, but only managed it for a brief second.

Dinner was a muted affair; Brandon was clearly trying to get Andrew to lighten up, but he was still in a dark mood. Callie, for her part, wished she didn’t have to sit at the table with them; she felt she didn’t deserve to be seated as their equal.

The spanking she’d received earlier was a step toward making things right, but it had really been a spanking for being argumentative; it hadn’t addressed the core problem, which was that she’d invaded Andrew’s privacy and breached his trust. Could a single spanking really remedy that? She supposed it was down to Andrew to decide when she had atoned appropriately for her actions.

“After dinner, Callie, I expect you to be waiting naked on your hands and knees on the bed upstairs. I think it’s time we started your anal training,” Andrew said.

She looked up from her bowl in surprise.

“Yes, sir,” she responded.

Did this mean he wanted her to stay?

Had he forgiven her?

Was this another punishment?

So many questions, but she didn’t think now was the right time to ask them.

It was cold, and Callie was impatient. She had cleared away the dishes, washed and dried them to delay coming up here, and when she had arrived, she had found herself to be alone.

The waiting seemed interminable. On all fours, feeling slightly lost on the enormous bed, she was waiting for Andrew to make good on his intention to begin her anal training but he wasn’t here.

Having no idea what anal training would entail, she didn’t know whether to be apprehensive or not, but she was certainly a little chilly and quite bored.

Just as she was turning around, about to give up and get under the covers, the door opened and Andrew came in, holding a jar of liquid, followed by Brandon, who held a wide, thin, polished wooden box in his hands. It looked like it might contain cutlery. Callie frowned.

“Waiting patiently, I see,” Brandon said with a grin. Callie sheepishly shifted back into position.

“I thought you weren’t coming, sirs,” she said.

“It’s not your job to decide when you’ve waited too long,” Andrew said. “I told you to wait, and you should have waited.”

“It’s all about trust, Callie. You need to trust Andrew,” Brandon said.

Callie found herself simultaneously being annoyed at Brandon for telling her what to think and agreeing that he was right, so she said nothing.

“Show her the box, Brandon,” Andrew said.

Brandon leaned in and opened the box. Callie stared at the contents.

“What are those?” she asked. They looked like elongated ceramic mushrooms.

“These are special plugs made to prepare young ladies’ bottoms,” Brandon said with glee. Callie could tell he’d been looking forward to this for a while. She didn’t know whether she shared his excitement.

“We will start with this one,” Brandon said, pulling out the smallest plug, “and work our way up to this one.” He grinned evilly as he showed her the largest one. Callie couldn’t stop staring at it.

“I don’t think there’s enough room inside me for that to fit!” she exclaimed.

“That’s why we’re starting with this one,” Brandon reminded her. He handed it to Andrew, whom Callie could hear uncorking the jar of liquid.

“I want to make sure it’s nice and lubricated so it just slides in,” Andrew said. “Remain still, this will feel… well, you’ll see.”

Callie felt a hand on the small of her back and then the cold feeling of something unfamiliar pushing against her ass. This was entirely new territory; she had never so much as put a finger back there. She gasped as the plug, which had looked so tiny compared to all the others, stretched her virgin ass and touched her deeply inside as Andrew pushed it in.

“It’s too big, sir! It’s not going to go!” she said, thinking she couldn’t possibly take it in any further.

“Bear down on it, little one, and it’ll feel better in a moment.” Brandon was in front of her, reassuring her. She did as she was told, and seconds later it just slipped inside and seemed to sit snugly, with the narrowest point at her entrance.

“See? Nothing to worry about. You need to trust Andrew. He knows what he’s doing,” Brandon said.

Callie didn’t want to talk to Brandon about the finer details of her relationship with Andrew right now, so she said nothing again.

Behind her, Andrew tugged gently on the ceramic and she cried out as the nerve endings in her ass were lit on fire. She had never felt anything in her ass before and while she could definitely tell that there was a solid, foreign body, she hadn’t expected it to be so… enjoyable. Andrew gently stroked her clit as she stayed in position.

“It feels so good, sir!”

“Aye, it’s supposed to,” he remarked.

All her confusion and worries and uncertainty about Andrew faded away and was replaced with new sensations. She sighed as he played with her. What had she been so worried about? Surely if he cared enough to do this to her, to make her feel like this, then there couldn’t be a problem?

“You’re not coming without permission, are you, Callie?” Andrew asked.

He always knew, she marveled.

“No, sir!” she replied, teetering on the edge. ‘Asking for permission to come’ was a new rule she’d had to work with for the past week, and she kept forgetting still, lost in the moment.

Andrew had another surprise in store for her, and she felt his finger slide into her slick pussy as he continued to pull on the plug in her ass.

“Oh, but one finger’s not enough this time, is it?” Andrew observed. How did he notice so much? Callie moaned softly as he worked a second finger in, then more loudly as a third joined it. His fingers were individually quite large, and she felt full and stretched from three of them. Before her, Brandon took out his cock; she could see it was engorged, and he began stroking it, close enough that she wanted to taste it, but too far away for her to reach.

He seemed to be enjoying teasing her.

She hurtled toward the edge.

“Please, sir, please, can I come?” she asked, expecting Andrew to say yes. He always said yes.

“No,” Andrew said.

Callie nearly inhaled the bed sheet in surprise. She looked behind her. As always, Andrew’s face gave nothing away. Did he know how hard this was? How did a person not come when they were about to, she wondered, and what would happen if she did? As if he read her thoughts, Andrew leaned close.

“I suppose you’re wondering whether I can stop you from coming, if you choose to disobey me, and it’s true, I can’t do anything to stop you. This time. It will certainly affect whether I permit you to even get close to coming in the future, however,” he growled in her ear. His gravelly voice, the sexy promises of consequences, brought her even closer.

“Please, can I come, sir?” she tried to say, but only a strangled gurgle came out.

How could she stop herself?

Relentlessly, Andrew continued to move in and out of her pussy with three fingers, caressing her clit with his pinky, while his other hand skillfully manipulated the plug in her ass. Brandon was clearly enjoying the spectacle as he stroked his shaft, and the heady scent of two highly aroused men drove her wild. She felt herself tensing, and tried to get permission one last time.

“Beg for it,” Andrew uttered, at just that moment. “Beg like the lowest slave.”

“Please, please, sir, please, may I come?” she asked in anguish.

“Is that how a slave begs?” Andrew asked.

Callie was close to exploding, she didn’t know if she could stop herself. He wanted her to admit to… that. She had hoped he’d forgotten.

Now he would know her secret.

Too far gone to care, she capitulated.

“Please, master, I beg you, as the lowest slave who ever there was, please, may I come?” she begged.

“Go on then. Come for me, my little slave,” he said.

Hearing him say it made it more real, and before Callie could process what had just happened, her orgasm tore through her, making her scream and writhe, as the muscles in her ass pulsed around the plug, as her pussy clenched around his fingers, as Brandon tantalized her with the sight of his cock.

“Now it’s my turn,” Brandon said. He got up behind her and stuck his hard cock into her liquid pussy. The unmatched feeling of a man inside her made her juices broil. At this angle Brandon’s cock was pressing the precious place in her core, propelling her again toward her total pleasure. The plug was still in her bottom and her nipples were rubbing against the bed sheet. Andrew was viewing from across the room, uninvolved. Brandon demanded her complete attention with a flick of his fingers against her clit, which fluttered helplessly, a captive butterfly, pinned in place.

“Please, sir, can I come again?” she asked.

“Do you deserve to come on my cock?” Brandon asked. It sideswiped her; now she had to prove herself worthy of an orgasm? How was she supposed to do that?

“What do you mean, sir?”

“Did you suck my cock today?” Brandon asked.

She realized she had not.

“No, sir.” Crestfallen, she tried to push away her orgasm and let him take what he wanted.

“I’m feeling generous,” he said. “Come on my cock.”

“Oh, thank you, sir!” she cried, letting go.

He trilled against her clit with his fingers and she couldn’t keep quiet when she felt her pussy squeezing him as a second climax tore through her, more powerful than the first, both her holes filled at the same time.

She screamed her passion in the castle, knowing that no one beyond their trio would hear her. His cock shuddered then she felt him come inside her, her pussy squeezing every drop of the liquid from him.

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