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Mastered by the Viking King by Lily Harlem

As a mere peasant girl, Tove is surprised to learn that she is to be presented to King Njal as a potential bride. While she is soon blushing crimson as she is stripped bare and put on shameful display for the king, the real shock comes when she is chosen as his queen and then brought to the fearsome Viking warrior’s bedchamber with her bottom already bright red from a spanking.

Though he wastes no time in claiming her hard and thoroughly and does not hesitate to deal firmly with her when necessary, Njal proves far more loving than Tove would have expected and she cannot help wanting to impress him and prove herself to the people she now helps rule. But when he sails off to war, will she lose the man who has mastered both her body and her heart?



Publisher’s Note: Mastered by the Viking King includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Lily Harlem

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 39,000 words


“So, I will be your first.”

“Aye, Sire.”

He stayed deep, his finger moving a little, stimulating the soft walls of her sex.

She moaned, not understanding why the dense pressure was drawing such a noise from her chest.

On and on he gave her his finger, not hard, but gently.

“My Tove,” he said. “You will become very used to me claiming your body. Your breasts, your mouth, your cunny, and your ass. It is all mine to do with as I wish.”

She gasped. A tumble of images of him using her rolled through her mind.

“I will put my fingers, my tongue, and my cock on you and in you. My cock will love your pretty mouth and demand you take it frequently. My cock will also love your tight cunny and will stretch it, fill it, possess it.”

“Njal,” she gasped, her toes curling and her hips rocking. His finger was wicked. It had cast a spell on her.

“And your ass,” he went on. “Aye, I’ll stake my claim deep in there too by taking your asshole with my cock.”

“What! I…” His cock? In her asshole? He must be mistaken. She wouldn’t survive that, surely.

“And if you think I do not speak the truth about that, you are wrong.” He circled his finger, spreading the sweet arousal gathering in her cunny. “I will sink deep into your ass, when it is rounder, when you have become accustomed to my needs and my size. But do not think, my queen, that resisting me there will be of benefit. I will have all of your body. Every hole. Say it. Say I will have all of you.”

“Sire… oh…”

He withdrew, leaving her missing him there, her cunny clenching around nothing.

“Say it.”

“Aye, you can have all of me, you will have all of me.” The words tumbled from her mouth. “I am yours, my king, my husband.”

“That pleases me to hear.” He spanked her bottom again. “Very. Much.” He punctuated each word with a slap.

She lurched forward, the smacks shocking her.

Spank. Spank.

She squeezed her eyes closed and held in the cries that threatened to erupt from her throat. His treatment of her was unfair, but she was powerless to stop it. Completely and utterly at her new husband’s mercy, she had no choice but to take his palm, tolerate the wild heat boiling her rear. The pain came, more and more, again and again, his wide palm spreading the humiliation and the torment.

Suddenly he dragged her tunic over her rump and hauled her up onto his knee.

“Ah… oh, it hurts!” The rough fabric abraded her punished buttocks.

“As it should.” He cupped her cheeks and stared into her eyes. “Do you swear your loyalty to me in and out of our bedchamber?”

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