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Mastering Maeve Ropes Top 100 at Amazon!

Mastering Maeve by Tara Finnegan Accomplishment DetailThis feisty Irish story slid right into Amazon’s Top 100 in Erotic fiction, and unsurprisingly! This story can melt iron with it’s lovable, fiesty heroine and it’s rough-and-tumble Texan. We loved the mix, and the antics, and you will, too! Come see what you’re missing!

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Here’s what folks are already saying about this book!

★★★★★  (Author Natasha Knight) “A feisty Irish heroine, a big Texan, lots of spankings and a thorough plot.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book before its release.

First, the title. It’s a gorgeous title and it completely fits because Maeve is one tough Irish cookie but Larry surely does master her! I started out crying with the opening of the story, connecting immediately with the women. Then I met Larry and thought this is going to be H-O-T. He is a Texas rancher and there’s just something about those Texans. Then I laughed because Tara has such a unique style of writing, the Irish way of speaking, the funny little sayings, the bit of history pours through the pages and I’ve yet to meet a weak female character written by Tara Finnegan. Then as I read on, I was completely turned on.

The story in Mastering Maeve is excellent, realistic and sexy at once. The spankings are plentiful and hot, the sex that follows them even hotter. No, that’s not right. They’re both equal in heat. And when they would visit the school room, oh my…

Nice touch on the epilogue – I won’t spoil it but nice. A hot, sexy, feisty, fun read from a wonderfully talented author.

★★★★★  (Casey McKay) “Sweet and Funny, with Some Heat

A second novel by Tara Finnegan and it is as witty and sexy as the first! Mastering Maeve follows the story of a feisty heroine. She helps her grandmother run a hotel that she comes to find out is in dire financial straits. A businessman named Larry shows interest in backing the business and also reluctantly falls for the bristly Maeve.

I loved the back and forth between Maeve and Larry. They are both pretty head strong and don’t back down from a fight. Larry’s domineering ways are a lot for Maeve to handle at first, but she comes to find that she needs them in her life as much as she needs Larry.

This was a great story with realistic characters that you will fall in love with. Maeve’s grandmother, Bridie, was one of my favorite people in the book. She was witty and conniving- everything an Irish grandmother should be! Ms. Finnegan weaves a tale of romance, against the gorgeous backdrop of the Irish countryside, that you can’t help but fall in love with. She once again tells a vivid story sprinkled with humor and lots or sexy scenes to keep you coming back for more.

I highly recommend this book to any romance lover who wants a chance to escape into a brilliantly written, smart, and funny novel.

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