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Mastering Their Maiden by Demi Lane

They’re going to breed her, and they’re not going to be gentle.

When she is caught sneaking into the forest, the Kavari who protect Aria’s village take it upon themselves to punish her with a very public spanking, but as she is carried off to their home to be more thoroughly mastered it is not her burning bottom which leaves her truly blushing crimson.

It’s the arousal glistening on her bare thighs as she is made to kneel and show her contrition in the most shameful way possible, taking everything she is given by the infuriatingly sexy brutes.

But these fearsome warriors don’t merely plan to teach Aria a lesson in obedience. They’re going to claim her virgin body so thoroughly she is left in no doubt that she belongs to them forever.

Then they’re going to breed her.

Publisher’s Note: Mastering Their Maiden is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth entry in the Kavari Masters series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Demi Lane

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 93,900 words


“Don’t think I’m finished with you yet,” I warned with a grin, reaching down to cup the backs of her thighs. She gasped when I lifted them and put them over my shoulders, never breaking stride even when the position changed. I was deeper inside her now, and the view I had of my cock sinking into her pussy was spectacular.

And I wasn’t the only one enjoying it. Dex came to kneel beside me, his breathing ragged as he watched me fuck Aria’s slick, swollen pussy.

“Keep her like this for a bit,” Dex murmured, and Aria moaned in response. I held onto her hips, but he began caressing her thighs. “Let her rest. She’s gonna ride me next.”

“Ride you and suck Kaiden’s cock,” I said, smirking when Aria’s back arched off the ground. “Get him ready to fuck this tight little cunt.”

As if he wasn’t already hard as a rock.

Kaiden’s eyes flicked to mine, dark and filled with lust. Aria was gripping my forearms, but Kaiden took them and pulled her hands above her head. He pinned her wrists down and she gasped, but all Kaiden did was grin.

“While you’re riding Dex and sucking my cock, Zander and Umber are gonna play with your ass.”

Aria’s eyes went wide, but before she could issue any sort of protest, Kaiden kissed her. His lips muffled her soft cry, but I could tell by the way her pussy clenched around me that she liked the sound of our proposal. She liked the idea of being filled completely.

I slowed my pace just slightly and watched as Dex let his hand trail down Aria’s thigh, then dip lower. I felt his knuckles brush me as I pumped into her, but his fingers began toying between her cheeks. Teasing her puckered hole. She tightened around me, but Kaiden kept her pinned and muffled while Dex cupped his hand around one cheek and let his thumb slip inside her.

“Fuck! Oh, gods. Please…”

“Listen to her beg now,” Zander murmured from where he was lying beside her, his mouth on one breast, hand cupping the other. “You want it, girl? You have four cocks to play with; one can be in your ass tonight.”

I felt Aria’s body tense, her legs flexing on my shoulders, pussy squeezing around me. Kaiden shushed her when he broke the kiss, laughing at the conflicted look on her face.

“She wants it, but we’ll wait. Her pussy will need a rest by tomorrow morning anyway.”

I licked my lips, caressing the tops of Aria’s thighs. I fisted her hips and tucked her against me, unable to stop the moan of pleasure as she arched her back and clenched tight around my cock. “You want that, Aria? Want us to wear your little pussy out?”

Her legs flexed again, and I heard her suck in a breath when I started to pump harder. Gods, she felt good. Even pinned like I had her, with her legs up and Kaiden’s hands on her wrists, she was moving with me. Trying to fuck me back.

She was just as much our master as we were hers.

“You feel so good, Aleria,” I moaned, savoring our little name for her. “Taking my cock like this. So deep inside you. You like it?”

I kissed the inside of her ankle, my hands stroking up and down over her hips. Aria whimpered, and this time her acquiescing answer was stronger.

“Yes,” she sighed. “Yes, I… Gods, please.”

“Please what?” I murmured, sinking deep inside her. “What do you want?”

“I want…” She swallowed, and her hooded eyes met mine. “I want you to fuck me. Like you promised.”