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Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Trent Evans

She was offered as a sacrifice. He took her as his mate.

The moment her ship crash-landed, Selena Marks knew she was in way over her head, and that was before the natives of this planet took her captive, stripped her bare, and brought her deep into a sacred cave to be given as a sexual sacrifice to the godlike brute whose whims they serve.

Though Selena has an idea of what is in store for her, when her captor claims her it is far more intense than anything she could have imagined. Every attempt at defiance or escape ends with her pleading for mercy as her quivering body is punished and ravaged in the most shameful ways possible, but with each helpless, screaming climax, the truth becomes harder and harder to deny.

She is his mate, and soon she will beg for him to breed her.


Publisher’s Note: Mate includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Trent Evans

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 50,300 words


As if he could read her mind, his fingertips worried her swollen clit, even as he continued his punishing thrusts within the tight clutch of her aching, and still quite sore, sex.

The burning in her ass was now far more intense than the stretching ache in her pussy.

“Please take it out! I’ll… do anything!”

Despite the discomfort of being so very full, the pleasure/pain of her pussy being stretched to its limit by his big penis held an illicit thrill that she knew she would take to her grave before admitting to her captor.

Don’t you mean your lover?

Or her owner.

“The only way I’m taking out the stone is if I replace it with my cock.” He pushed deep until she groaned loudly. “And you’ll have to beg even more this time.”

“What? I… this isn’t fair!”

He pulled out and thundered inside her again.

“Ah! God… damn!”

“Beg me, human. Beg or your little bottom is going to burn even hotter. Do you really like the pain that much?”

“No! N-never!”

His voice was very low, even as he thrust into her with harsh, quick strokes. “Then beg, slut. Beg for my cock in your bottom. Beg me to stretch you there even more than the stone is stretching you right now.”

Utterly and completely helpless, defeated, she knew there was only one way. Escape was impossible, the only deliverance in the arms of surrender.

“Please… my God… please!” Her voice seized, tears threatening again, even as the feel of his big cock battering her pussy was engendering a distressing amount of pleasure, the pain beginning to transform into something else entirely.

“Not good enough. Beg me—convince me you want me to stake that luscious bottom on my cock. Show me how much you want that pleasure, that pain.”

“Please… sir! I… need it!” Her voice was almost a rasp now. “F-fuck my ass!”

“I like this ‘sir’—you’ll continue with that. Now, say it correctly, slut.” He sank his teeth into the back of her thigh, but not enough to truly hurt. It was a mark of possession, rather than punishment. “Say: ‘please take me in my bottom, sir.’”

She thought her entire body might ignite with the force of her blushing, and yet, a surge of fresh juices let down, dripping out around his pistoning shaft, her perineum wet with it.

“P-please… take me in”—she swallowed miserably, forcing herself to finish it—“i-in my bottom, sir!”

Incredibly, instead of withdrawing, he pounded into her even harder, his fingers rubbing at her clit. She was very nearly at her climax—and it was the most tortured climax she could have imagined.

When he pinched her hot, swollen clit, she squeezed tight, crying out, clamping down upon his plunging shaft, throwing her head back, her orgasm shaking her, wringing her out, exhausting her still further.

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