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Mated to the Warriors by Grace Goodwin

matedtothewarriors_detailWhen circumstances leave her with little choice but to volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program, Hannah Johnson finds herself matched with not one but two mates. Her soon-to-be husbands are warriors of the planet Prillon, a world whose men are known far and wide for their prowess both in battle and in bed.

Following her transport to a starship halfway across the galaxy, Hannah awakens in the presence of Zane Deston, the huge, fiercely handsome commander of the Prillon fleet. After informing her that she is now his mate, as well as the mate of his second, Zane takes it upon himself to supervise as Hannah is thoroughly and intimately examined. Her failure to properly cooperate with the ship’s doctor earns her a painful, embarrassing spanking on her bare bottom, but it is her body’s response to the exam which truly leaves her blushing.

Though Hannah is shocked by the prospect of being shared by Zane and his second, the equally handsome warrior Dare, she cannot hide her arousal as her two dominant mates take their time in mastering her body. As the day of the claiming ceremony approaches, Hannah begins to long for the moment when Zane and Dare will make her fully theirs, but can she risk giving her heart to men who might die in battle any day?

Publisher’s Note: Mated to the Warriors is a stand-alone book set in the same world as Assigned a Mate. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Grace Goodwin

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 50,200


“She’s ready for us,” Dare growled. “But even with the spanking, she obviously has not yet learned to obey her mates.” He lifted his hand to gently caress Hannah’s still pink bottom.

Hannah pressed her head against the chaise. “I’m not a robot. I don’t obey orders like one. I just met you both. I… I can’t have two husbands. Please…”

We both heard the plaintive tone to her voice. Our pretty little mate was confused and scared. But disobedience on a battleship was never tolerated, from warriors under my command or from my mate. Evidently, Dare agreed.

I watched as Dare explored her wet folds with his fingers. He ran his hand along her back and hips, petting her until she calmed enough to listen to reason. Then he made our expectations clear. “You will obey us, Hannah. Without question. Or you will be punished.” He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss at the small of her back. “I am going to spank you now, Hannah. And the next time we tell you to ready your body for us, you will do so without argument.”

“What? No!”

Her protests were cut off by the sharp crack of Dare’s hand striking her ass. “Count to ten, Hannah.”

Dare intentionally struck her bottom where she was still pink from her earlier discipline. She cried out the count, her breasts swaying beneath her as Dare’s swats rocked her body back and forth on her knees.

I stood, taking it all in, growing harder with the resounding clap of each smack on her round ass. Her cries of protest turned to sobs, and finally moans as her body’s natural responses kicked in, flooding her system with liquid fire. Her pussy was wetter than it had been before Dare began spanking her, the bright red marks on her naked bottom a woman’s most primitive call to her mate.

When Dare finished, he leaned over her, whispering in her ear. “We will fuck you now, Hannah, in your mouth and in that wet little pussy.”

From my vantage point behind her I saw her pussy clench with lust at his words. She wanted us. She wanted this.

Evidently, our bride’s mind was at war with her body. “This was a mistake. You’re just going to use me.”

“We will never use you, Hannah.” Moving to kneel beside her, I stroked her sleek hair back from her face. “We’ll fuck you, but always give you your pleasure. Always.”

“But for now, we need to stretch that tight ass of yours, to get you ready for our cocks.”

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