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Mine to Hold: A Dark Mafia Romance by Sara Fields

Baby girl.

The man whispering those words in my ear isn’t just a powerful mob boss. He’s the brute who stripped me bare, whipped me with his belt, and claimed my virgin body roughly and shamefully in front of his men as I screamed and begged and came for him until I collapsed in his arms.

I should hate it when he calls me that.

But all I do is blush as I wait for him to make me his all over again.

Because I’m his to hold.




Publisher’s Note: Mine to Hold is a stand-alone novel which is the second book of the Kept as His series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 64,000 words


“The harder I belt you, the wetter this pussy gets. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he said boldly, and I wailed openly in shame at his observation. He grasped my bottom cheeks with his hands and spread me open, displaying me completely to the men watching.

I whimpered, my face heating with embarrassment. Jon slid his fingertip along my thigh, almost as if he was making a point to me that all of them could see how soaking wet I was right now. With a quiet gasp, I tried to hide how much this entire ordeal was getting to me. Like he could read my thoughts, Jon slid a finger on top of my clit, making me moan before I had the forethought to slam my lips back together.

In silence, he walked around the desk and pulled out a drawer. I watched warily as he reached inside and took out a wooden box. He flipped it open right next to me and I cried out once I saw the contents.

There was a set of round steel butt plugs, each of them with a sparkling red jewel on the base. I gulped as he passed his fingers over the three toys. He started with the smallest one, picking it up and putting it back down with a shake of his head. He moved onto the middle-sized plug, wrapping his fingers around it and lifting it up to study it.

He put it back in the box. I panicked because there was only one more left.

I trembled when he picked up the largest one. I clenched my already sore bottom hole at the sight of it.

It was massive.

He took his time studying it and when his gaze finally leveled with mine, my mouth went completely dry.

“You can’t mean… please… not that… please, sir,” I pleaded.

He twirled the steel plug as if displaying it for me. I squirmed, unable to take my eyes off of it.

“Please, not that one,” I tried again.

He strode purposefully around the desk without putting the large plug back. Fearfully, I lay against the desk, hoping that my obedience would grant me some semblance of his mercy. I even tried to keep my legs wide for him hoping that might help me.

“I didn’t know. I didn’t…” I whimpered. The cold steel of the plug slid along my wet folds. He twirled it in my arousal, thoroughly coating the surface before he pushed it inside my soaked pussy. I gasped at the size of it as it stretched me open. It burned as my body tried to get used to its size. I whimpered as he pumped it in and out of me.

I hated that he was right, that I was so wet that it slid into me with embarrassing ease. Even worse, I actually started to like how it felt as he fucked me with it. I even found my body tightening around it as though I wanted to keep it in.

He pulled it out of my pussy quickly enough for a mortifying popping sound to echo throughout the room. I squeaked nervously as he gripped my bottom cheeks and spread me open, but I didn’t truly begin to panic until the pointed tip of the plug pressed against my asshole.

I tensed immediately.

My panic only grew greater. I pushed up away from the desk. I needed to get away.

He made sure I didn’t.

Exceedingly slowly, he began to press the large plug inside me.