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Mortal Sins: A Dark Paranormal Romance by K.L. Hiers

He was taught to hate them. He trained to hunt them. Now one of them has claimed him.

For Obadiah Snod, nothing could be more shameful than surrendering to the bond of a vampire, let alone Francis Temple, the very one he has been pursuing. But the situation is dire and both of their fates hang in the balance. Trapped in a collapsed tunnel, Obe sees no choice except to give the handsome immortal the pleasure he requires to awaken his full strength and save their lives.

He can tell himself he didn’t enjoy it. He can pretend their shared climax wasn’t by far the most electrifying thing he has ever experienced. He can even try to drive such impure thoughts from his mind with the pain of the lash. None of it will change the fact that he belongs to Francis now.

Perhaps he has committed a mortal sin… but Francis is going to make sure it wasn’t his last one.

Publisher’s Note: Mortal Sins includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: K.L. Hiers

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 107,200 words


Frankie gasped softly, his hands moving over Snod’s neck, his nails digging in hard. The moment they touched, the desire between them became inescapable. Frankie was pressing closer, growling softly when Snod slid a hand back over his ass. “Stand up,” he ordered sharply. “Right now.”

Snod was up on his feet and wrapping himself around Frankie in a second. He mouthed along his throat, backing Frankie up against the brick. He would fuck him right here if he could. All he could think about was coming, grinding their hips together as he sought out friction.

“No,” Frankie snarled suddenly, grabbing Snod by his neck and switching their positions. He pressed him face first against the wall, hissing angrily in his ear, “Tell me truthfully; do you think you deserve pleasure after the way you’ve behaved?”

Snod groaned, grateful that he could speak again as he croaked softly, “No… no, I don’t. I want you… I want you to punish me. I’ve crossed you and I need to be punished.” He closed his eyes, vividly recalling the way Frankie had spanked him before. He burned deep inside to feel that again, pleading, “Please.”

Frankie made a soft sound, something strangled and urgent, his free hand sliding down to cup Snod’s ass through his pants. “Do you want me to spank you, Obe?”

“Yes,” Snod whined, shamelessly arching into Frankie’s touch.

“Fuck,” Frankie hissed, squeezing Snod’s ass greedily. “Drop your pants. Right fucking now.”

Snod wouldn’t have needed to be under Frankie’s spell to obey. He was so desperate, jerking his pants and underwear down around his knees without any thought to who might be able to see them. He plastered himself across the wall, groaning as his cock rubbed against the cool and rough brick. “Fuck…”

“You embarrassed me!” Frankie growled, barely giving Snod any time to brace himself before his hand came down on his ass with a violent smack. “You made a total fool out of me in front of Mark!” Another slap. “You were beyond disrespectful!”

“Yes,” Snod gasped, each brutal spanking rocking his hips against the wall. The burn was making his dick ache, grinding against the brick even though it hurt. He felt so very small with Frankie crowded behind him, holding him so firmly in place as the burn in his cheeks made his eyes water. “I was bad… I’m sorry… I’m so fucking sorry…”

Frankie was relentless, purring in Snod’s ear, “I know you are, Obe. That’s okay. I’m going to help you learn. I’m going to teach you how to be good for me…” He spanked Snod’s ass again, hard enough to make him cry out. “There, my good boy. You’re taking it so well…”

“Fuck, Frankie!” Snod whimpered, clawing at the wall and humping the brick as he sought out friction. The pain was making every other part of his body especially sensitive and he knew he was going to come soon, just from the smack of Frankie’s hand and grinding against the wall like a dog. He whined anxiously, his face flushing with shame as he cried, “I’m gonna come… I’m—”

“No,” Frankie said, his cool fingers sliding around to cruelly squeeze Snod’s cock.

“Urghh!” Snod grunted, the wave of pleasure that was about to wash over him knocked back into a frustrated puddle. He was sweating and on edge, trying to thrust into Frankie’s hand. “Please…?”

“This is a punishment, remember?” Frankie gave Snod’s cock another firm squeeze before letting go. He nipped at his shoulder, pressing his own hard cock into Snod’s hip as he scoffed, “You don’t deserve to come, Obe. Not until I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson, not until I’m satisfied…”

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