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Myka and the Millionaire Banks Two Top 100 Spots


Alexis Alvarez‘s first book with Stormy Night, Myka and the Millionaire, has climbed high on Amazon’s Top 100 lists for both BDSM Erotica and Romantic Erotica! Congratulations, Alexis!

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★★★★★ Catherine Bibby (Blogger at Rochelle’s Reviews) @ “Myka and Gabriel know how to bring the pleasure and the pain!” on November 13, 2015
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

When Alexis Alvarez writes a new book, her readers know three things, it is going to have steaming hot BDSM, heart fluttering romance, and a strong heroine. Myka and the Millionaire had me running through a gamut of emotions. There were times I wanted to slap Gabriel and shake Myka but I have to admit, they were entertaining, fiery in temper, and explosive in the bedroom. Myka and Gabriel are an experience that is enlightening and unforgettable. Their story is unique, yet still realistic and the characters are multifaceted, flawed, and absorbing.

Myka is a strong, feisty, intelligent woman who has curiosity about darker fantasies that she has only seen fulfilled in print. After stumbling upon the gorgeous and enigmatic Gabriel, she is eagerly going to pursue him as her gateway to her fantasies. When lines start to blur, she is not so sure that she has what it takes to be a submissive even though she is head over heels in love with Gabriel.

Gabriele has been burned by love and does not plan on standing close to that flame again. Once he meets the sultry, inquisitive Myka, he yearns to show her the many different flavors of BDSM. As he steps into the role of being her dom, he puts up walls around his heart that he believes can keep him at a distance from Myka even as their desires pull them closer.

Alexis Alvarez introduces a world full of decadent, intense, passion between two people working through their own issues and conflicts. She shows that a submissive and dominate relationship requires a high level of trust, an open mind, and two strong willed partners that can voice their likes and dislikes openly with one another. I highly recommend for a spicy, emotionally intense, romance between a sassy, often times defiant heroine and a commanding and protective hero. Myka and Gabriel are a thought provoking, dynamic, sexy couple that leave a searing impression in both the readers mind and heart

★★★★★ H. L. Savinoon @ “I love a good erotic novel with a strong..” on November 13, 2015
I love a good erotic novel with a strong, sexy dom and a SMART heroine, and this book took the cake. Gabriel is the total package: handsome, rich, wicked, and totally in control in the bedroom. Plus, he says his sweet nothings in French (and can cook)! The way he talks to Myka, I’m surprised my panties didn’t ignite on the spot. Hers certainly did.

Myka is a well rounded character, too, with goals of her own, a demanding work schedule, and a desire to give up control between the sheets. Gabriel pushes her limits and takes care of her, too. He’s flawed, too, which makes their growth together towards “happily ever after” even more satisfying.

Definitely enjoyed this book, and looking forward to more in the Dark Sin series!

★★★★★ Kristin @ “HOT read” on November 13, 2015
From beginning to end this book grabbed my attention and I didn’t want to put it down. Its erotic, steamy and the characters are portrayed perfectly. I found myself cheering on Myka for stepping out of her comfort zone and into the world of bdsm. This book isn’t for those that just want a casual romantic read as it does have erotic sexual scenes in it

★★★★★ Mcalello10 @ “I absolutely LOVED this story” on November 13, 2015
I absolutely LOVED this story! I’ve read a couple of other of Alexis’ books, which were all great, but this one is my favorite so far! The story picked up right from the beginning and kept me hooked the whole way through! If you enjoy reading sexy romances with some BDSM, definitely read this!!

★★★★★ Summer Graystone @ “Amazing sizzling hot book!!” on November 15, 2015
I don’t know where to begin! Seriously! I’ve had mixed emotions about this book from the very beginning and now that’s its over! Wow! It was a sizzling hot sexy roller coaster ride that I never wanted it to end! Myka was such an amazing female lead character. She wasn’t a normal boring perfect character. She had flaws and cried and had real life issues and it was amazing! I loved how the author was able to bring in so many different characters and have them all have real lives of their own and portray them all differently!

Myka and Gabriel are a real interesting couple. Their chemistry is smoking hot and the pages literally will melt your kindle because the sex is so hot but… the connection, the love, the real romance…will they find it? You have to read to find out! I had my doubts and at certain points but I just had to find out what happened! This book will keep you on the edge of your seats and not let go! This book will teach you some important things about BDSM and safety. The author did a good job showing that. I highly recommend this book to any BDSM book lovers and to anyone who’s looking for a little adventure!

P.S. I hope Master Taylor gets a book of his own and his subbies name is Summer 😉

★★★★★ Maria M. “Sexy. Intense. Dark. Romantic.” on November 15, 2015
Where do I start? This book is so good, and I have so many thoughts to share! No spoilers, I promise, but if you like dark romance with hot (and very intense) BDSM scenes, all wrapped up into a perfectly Happy-Ever-After ending, then GET THIS BOOK NOW!

Myka, the protagonist, is a great character. She’s strong but sensitive, with goals and ambitions. Definitely not a push-over. She’s intrigued by BDSM, reading novels about them and seeking out places she can go to do her own research. But it’s all just fantasy. Until she meets sexy, strong, alpha-male Gabriel. He’s dominant and very active in BDSM, and he’s more than willing to teach Myka what it’s all about.

Myka thinks all she wants is the amazing sex but realizes she’s yearning for more. The only problem is Gabriel’s not willing to give her what she wants. Or is he? He’s got his own tortured and mysterious past that he refuses to share with her.

This book makes me wish I had a Gabriel all my own! Myka’s a lucky woman, and you’ll be a lucky reader if you buy this book!

★★★★★ Stanley @ “Awesome Read!!” on November 13, 2015
Once again Alexis Alvarez has had me glued to a story. She has opened a window that I can look through to see other people’s lives. And what a wonderful view it was!!
Myka and the Millionaire was not just interesting, but a wonderful read. Myka, wanting to get her own business started, working at a job she dislikes more and more, meets a man who says he can fulfill all of her fantasies if she is interested. She definitely wants to take a trip on the dark side for a taste of Gabriel.
Gabriel has been burnt in love recently, and is wanting only someone to play the games he likes to play. Unfortunately, things do not go as we always plan. Myka begins to mean more to him and he has to fight the feelings.

★★★★★ Megan Michaels @ “Chemisty, HEA, BDSM, and Super Hot Sex!” on November 19, 2015
The story of Myka and Gabriel is one that is light hearted and romantic, with twists of BDSM and super hot sex. Myka is strong-willed, independent, and sassy–all the traits I love in a heroine. She reads BDSM novels and has an interest in the lifestyle, but has never experienced it no matter how much she wants to. Enter stage right: Gabriel. The sexy, dominant, yet caring Dom willing to show her not only what she wants but what she needs. In the process he has to chisel at the walls he’s erected around his heart and with her help they come crumbling down. The chemistry between these two keeps you turning the pages and cheering them on. I love HEA and this one has a great ending. I loved this book and definitely can’t wait for the next book by this author!!

★★★★★ LouAnn @ “Great hot read” on November 15, 2015
I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This one was more intriguing than dream girl. Loved Myka and Gabriel, was upset with him on how he treated her at times, so afraid of love. Kylee was a different character, very demanding and cruel with her weird smiles, knew she was behind things, it didn’t surprise me. The story kept me involved and had trouble putting it down to do my regular work. Their interaction was amazing, was happy sad to get to the end, wanted their story to keep going but anxious to find out how it ended. Definitely 5 stars

★★★★★ Bev @ “Hot” on November 14, 2015
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book. The relationship between the main characters was so well developed, the sex scenes incredible. The story line was well written and believable. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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