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Natasha Knight’s Captive’s Desire First to Hit Amazon Top 10 Spot!

Captive's Desire by Natasha Knight (Accomplishment Post)

We are so proud of Natasha Knight and her new, fantastic accomplishment! Natasha is the first author from Stormy Night Publications to make not just a Top 100 Amazon Best-Sellers list, but to make it into the Top TEN! Today, Captive’s Desire can be found in the Top 100 lists of both Amazon’s Science Fiction and Fantasy categories! Congratulations!

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★★★★★ (SH) Hot Romance

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would have happily continued reading for much longer but, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Oh but I wish it was longer because I loved it. I really liked the sci-fi element and the book is so well written I felt as if I was there. I was impressed with the characters, Olivia made me laugh with her head strong behavior and Hayden just made me swoon 🙂 Nice to have some adventure accompany this romance along with some BDSM, sex and spanking. Loved the ending and I hope there will be a follow up with Katie and Marc 🙂 I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.

★★★★★ (Han van Meegeren) If you read only one of Ms. Knight books, this is the one you should read

If you haven’t read any of ms. Knights books yet, maybe this book is not the book to start with, but it certainly is the book you will want to end with. In this full length novel ms. Knight takes us up and beyond the boundaries she has set in her books thus far. And so we travel to her dreamworld.
This book Captive’s Desire is like a cabinet full of drawers built with odd shapes and sizes. One big drawer is called trust. Ms Knight has found a way to describe how trust is build in captivity. Our heroine is not a meek shy girl, but a fierce female soldier. Trust was earned in a beautifully written process between captor and captive. No Stockholm syndrome here. Ms. Knight shows us also the consequences if we are blind enough to believe everything the authorities say. A small, hidden drawer somewhere in this book, but important nonetheless.

Captive’s Desire is a very erotic book. “Hot” I think is the proper platitude. And each and everyone of you that just want a hot book won’t be disappointed. There are many drawers in that cupboard that will open an stir your imagination. But if you are familiar with ms. Knights books you are in for a treat. In this book she stepped over a few boundaries. From popular fantasies to a post apocalyptic world, from making love in the twilight to loving in full daylight. And to those of you who think that tenderness will not fit in the same drawer as discipline, even punishment, I say; read Captive’s Desire tomorrow and find out. If the rules are broken punishment is given and taken and no one can describe that more tenderly then Ms. Knight. Love is the name on the cupboard itself.
Whether it it the love between siblings, the love between friends or the love between a man and a woman.

With this book Natasha Knight has definitive earned a place among the top writers of her genre. So.. miss Sylvia Day, miss E.J. James, miss Megan Hart and all of you best selling writers out there, meet Natasha Knight, writer of Captive’s Desire.

★★★★★ (Petra) @Blushing Books

Great written, hot scenes and still there is a story in it. Really enjoyed this one.


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