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Naturally Naughty by Morganna Williams

Naturally Naughty by Morganna WilliamsShannon has longed for a man strong enough to take her in hand for years, but nothing comes of her fantasies until a minor run-in with the law—and with hunky police officer Landon Bridges—ends up leaving her with blushing cheeks and a well-spanked bottom. Shannon’s sore behind doesn’t keep her from going out with Landon, though, and she soon discovers that having a firm-handed man around can have dire consequences for her backside when she is naughty.

Although a sound spanking is something Shannon seems to receive almost daily, Landon is not opposed to teaching her more intimate and embarrassing lessons should the situation warrant it… and the situation often does. But while Shannon’s misadventures give Landon many opportunities to put her over his knee, the punishments only serve to heighten their desire for one another. Has Shannon truly found the man of her dreams, or is Landon too good to be true?

Publisher’s Note: Naturally Naughty is a combination of erotic romance and romantic comedy that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Morganna Williams

Price: $4.95

Length: 45,200 words


I snuggled close; as he lay back on the bed with me wrapped tight in his arms, he shifted me so my legs straddled his and then spread his own, leaving me wide open to him. I stiffened and gasped as one large blunt finger began to press insistently against the tender opening of my anus.

“What happens to really naughty girls, Shannon?” he asked me as the finger sank inside.

“Their bottoms get punished inside and out,” I panted as he worked the finger in and out of me.

Then he lifted me off of him and bent me back over the bed while still moving his finger in my ass. Then his finger pulled free and I felt strangely bereft until I heard the sound of his zipper opening.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw him pull the bottle of lube from the bedside table and then I felt the cool substance hit my crack and I moved my legs apart, ready to take his cock inside me. The feel of the large plum-shaped head of Landon’s cock as it pressed into my most private place never failed to make me shiver; the burning stretch was almost welcome as he sank into me.

I moaned loudly as he took me to the root in one long thrust, his balls resting against my sore backside.

“Naughty girls take it up the ass, don’t they?” he asked me as he began to drive in and out of me hard and fast, thighs slapping against my roasted bottom with every inward stroke, reawakening the sting.

“Yes, sir, naughty girls take it hard up the ass!” I cried, almost lost in haze between pleasure and pain.

My bottom thrust back to meet every thrust. I needed this… needed his thorough reminder that I belong to him, relishing every slam of his body against mine. When his fingers came around to work my clit, I whimpered, rising quickly up the crest, but just before I could go over the edge, he stopped and moved my legs even farther apart.

Then his fingers began to tease me again, only to stop once more before I could come. Over and over he worked me up, teasing me until at the end he pounded into me hard one last time and came inside me with heated spurts of his essence.

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