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Naturally Naughty Lands on Two Top 100s


Morganna Williams‘ latest release, Naturally Naughty, has scored places on both the Humorous Erotica and the BDSM Erotica Amazon Top 100 lists! Congratulations, Morganna!

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★★★★★ The Sterling Fig Book Reviews @ “Ms. Williams has created something very unique — almost like a collection of hot short stories in this Naturally Naughty novel!” April 13, 2015
Any author that can work the word “tomfoolery” into the first few pages of their book has set the stage for a fun read, and Ms. Williams has certainly done that with her latest diversion Naturally Naughty.

Unlike previous novels, this wasn’t your typical story. Instead I’d liken it to a set of short vignettes, following the naughty behavior of our MFC, Shannon Waters, and her neighbor, turned boyfriend, Officer Landon Bridges, whom she dubs, “Cutie Cop.” Written in the first person from Shannon’s point of view, it follows several short adventures where Shannon misbehaves, disobeys or is just plain rude and is need of firm correction and Landon is there willing to correct where necessary. It contains many hot spanking scenes and lots of wonderful aftercare.

Each of the chapters can really stand on their own once you move past the first chapter, so this is a wonderful book to read if you only have a few moments and want a quick hot read. Perfect for a nightcap, you can spread this out over several nights and have wonderful bedtime story as you drift off to sleep!

Unique in its presentation, Ms. Williams has once again put together a work that should be on any spanking bibliophile’s TBR list.

★★★★★ SH @ “Such a fun read!” April 14, 2015
This was a fun read and written a little differently than expected, each chapter describes one of Shannon’s ‘adventures’. I just laughed and laughed when I read this book because Shannon just could not catch a break! Good thing she met and connected with Landon, her hunky policeman neighbor but boy, did he have his hands full! Delightful!!

★★★★★ Lolly @ “Loved It!!!” April 14, 2015
This was such a fun read! Shannon just couldn’t stay out of trouble and her hot cop boyfriend, Landon has his hands full with her. I laughed out load while reading this book! Morganna Williams has another hit!

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