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Naughty Girl: A Dark Mafia Menage Romance by Alta Hensley

First they’re going to punish me. Then they’re going to breed me.

“Have you been a good girl or a naughty girl?” the Bennato brothers ask me every day before one of them takes his belt to my bare bottom. I know the answer they expect to hear each time…

I’ve been a naughty girl.

I shouldn’t have gotten involved with the mob, let alone with men as dangerous as the ones who are now my captors, but the money was good so I did their books… until the law came calling.

Naughty girls who talk to the cops need to be taught a lesson, but these brutes plan to do much more than just punish me, break me, and use me as thoroughly and shamefully as they please.

They plan to breed me.

Publisher’s Note: Naughty Girl includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Alta Hensley

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 40,100 words


“Stand up,” he commanded. “Stand right in front of me between my legs.”

I did as he asked, though how I stood on such weakened legs, I had no idea. My head felt light and my breathing felt tight.

“Part your pussy for me. I want to see my naughty girl.”

Never imagining myself engaged in such an act as this, I did as he asked. As if I were hypnotized by the silkiness of his directions—because that was the only thing that could explain the complete madness that was raging through me—I brought my shaky fingers to my smooth pussy lips and spread them wide for his viewing.

Thomas reached up and pushed his thumb into my mouth. “Suck my thumb, dirty girl. Suck on it good so I can rub it around that tiny clit of yours until you scream for me to fuck you.”

I ran my tongue against the rough and callused skin and never moved my fingers from my pussy. I was still spreading myself wide as I sucked on his thumb just as he wanted me to do. My eyes connected with his for a split moment, and I wondered if it was hunger I saw hidden in their depths.

“Beg for my cock. I told you that you would eventually beg for it. So, beg.” He pulled his thumb out of my mouth and pressed it against my clit.

I cried out in pleasure but held my position. I didn’t want to let go of my spread lips in fear he would stop the most wicked of his touches so far.

“Beg,” he commanded again.

“Please, sir. My little hole wants to be spread open by your cock.” The words were so natural. They seemed to flow from my lips without the slightest hesitation or thought.

His ministrations froze and he chuckled. “Oh, my dirty, dirty girl. Having you call me sir was for Stefano’s benefit and request… but I like it. I think we’ll keep it that way. And I think I finally have found your first real punishment. That building orgasm inside of you will remain right where it is.” He spanked my pussy hard, forcing me to release the spread of my skin. “For now.”

Thomas stood up and pushed me down on all fours. “Stay bent over,” he said.

I tried to regain my breath and steady my raging emotions. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t process. All I could do was stare at my spread fingers against the wooden floor as I heard the sound of a belt being removed from the loops of Thomas’s pants.

“Every single night and every single morning you will receive a lashing from my belt. The severity will all depend on how good of a girl you have been leading up to it.”

Before I could process his words, the stinging crash of leather against skin had me howling out. The pain radiated all the way to my needy pussy, only intensifying my out-of-control hunger.

“Please,” I pleaded as he whipped me once again.

“Yes, naughty girl. Keep begging.”


“Are you begging for me to stop belting you, or to fuck you?”

He brought the belt down against my sensitive ass again but rather than crying, I moaned.

The belt fell upon me again, and I moaned some more.

“Little pain slut. You like when I spank your ass as you pray I’ll eventually fuck you.”

Tears of shame and humiliation fell as my orgasm built inside of me. My body became more alive with every searing swat. Yes. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to be fucked hard. But not before he finished the discipline. The most twisted and sexual punishment one could imagine. My mind screamed no. My ass screamed for mercy. But my core, my inner being, my soul begged for more.

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