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Naughty Immy’s Punishment by Carole Archer

Naughty Immy's Punishment by Carole Archer

Imogen loves it when her husband Adam takes on his daddy role and spoils her, cuddles her, and treats her like his baby girl, but she knows that when she has been naughty her daddy must discipline her… and today she was very, very naughty.

A silly prank on her part almost got Adam in trouble with the police, and Immy knows that now she is in for a long, thorough, and incredibly embarrassing punishment from her firm daddy.





Publisher’s Note: Naughty Immy’s Punishment is a novella-length erotic short story that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, humiliation, age play, medical play, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Additional Note: This story focuses primarily on a single incident in the lives of a fictionalized couple and the results of that incident. The age play relationship and associated punishments and other interactions described in the story are intended purely as erotica and not as an attempt to portray a realistic relationship which includes age play elements.

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Author: Carole Archer

Word Count: 27,600

eBook Price: $2.99


“Do you need Daddy to look after you today, Immy?” he asked, startling her with his question.

She immediately opened her eyes and smiled brightly, nodding enthusiastically. This had been much easier to swing than she could ever have imagined possible.

“Immy, do you promise me this has got nothing to do with last night’s suggestion that I should let you stay home?” he asked.

Imogen lowered her gaze. “No, Daddy. I really don’t feel well,” she complained, glancing up at him with wide eyes and hoping that she looked as ill as she was trying to convey.

“Right, little girl, let’s take a look at you,” he said, pulling her out of bed and tugging her pyjama bottoms down and guiding her quickly across his lap.

Imogen gasped and tried to push herself back up. “Daddy, what are you doing?” she wailed.

“Hold still,” he scolded, ignoring her question and landing a sharp smack on her bottom.

She held her breath when her daddy’s hand quickly moved away from her bottom and she felt his body lean sideways. She didn’t dare to look around to see what he was doing, fearful that he was reaching for an implement to use instead of his hand. He didn’t normally stop at one smack.

Seconds later, she realised too late what he had been doing and why he had taken her across his lap as he firmly grasped one of her buttocks and pulled it aside, crudely exposing her anus. Before her mind could fully process what he was about to do, his well-greased finger insistently pressed against her tight bottom hole. She immediately tensed her butt cheeks.

“No, Daddy,” she begged, kicking her legs frantically.

“Imogen, calm down,” he scolded, taking a firm grip around her waist. “You have ten seconds to stop clenching, young lady,” he warned her. “After that, I’ll get the hairbrush, see if that will help you relax this naughty bottom.”

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