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Naughty Immy’s Punishment Makes Top 100!

Naughty Immy's Punishment by Carole Archer Top100Carole Archer‘s novella, Naughty Immy’s Punishment, recently entered Amazon’s newly created BDSM Erotica Top 100.  If you are looking for some incredibly hot and naughty age play, medical play, spanking, and so much more, then this one is for you.

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★★★★★  (_SH) “Oh What A Naughty Wife!
If you are looking for an erotic short story that is well written, then stop looking because here it is. Oh, when Immy pulled her prank on her unsuspecting husband I just had to laugh, it was a great prank. However, it went horribly wrong and ultimately she paid the price. Lots of steamy stuff going on in this story, the publishers note is spot on

★★★★★  (Anothrthing) “Great Book
I enjoy age play books and this one was great! it has a good balance of punishment and pleasure. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys books involving age play.

★★★★★  (Laurel L.) @Blushing Books
I enjoyed this arousing. Some of the punishment that Immy received was over the top, but after her filing a false police report she was lucky that she didn’t end up in jail. There was love in the enemas and spanking that she received. She got more age play then she ever wanted.

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