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Need: A Rough Romance by Trent Evans

When he ordered me to bare myself for him, I should have done anything other than obey. But as I stand here watching him devour me with his eyes, what I feel isn’t merely shame.

It is need.

Need for his gaze wandering over my quivering body like a beast about to pounce on his prey.

Need for his hands roaming over every inch of me, reminding me that it all belongs to him, then pinning my arms with ease as he spanks me raw before reclaiming me as roughly as he pleases.

Need so desperate I couldn’t control it even if I wanted to… and I’m not sure I want to.


Publisher’s Note: Need includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Trent Evans

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 49,000 words


I eased her soft, well-reddened buttocks apart, revealing the lovely, enticing dark whorl of her anus, something I’d always been fascinated with. I intended to explore that later if fate and feminine curiosity should give me the chance. I touched it gently, circling its tender flesh with my fingertip, making her tense and draw a sharp breath.


“It’s a gorgeous little hole you’ve got here, Eva. Shame it hasn’t been used properly…”

She made a tiny, mortified sound, even as she continued to sniffle miserably, but didn’t reply.

Then the spicy note of her scent hit my nostrils as I eased her cleft further open, the swollen outer labia splaying apart, revealing the inner pink lips, prominent and mouthwatering, showing a clear, glistening stickiness. “My God, Eva, you’re a mess down here. This cunt of yours is almost flooded.” She twisted her hips slightly at that, but I took firm hold of her right buttock, holding her in place. “None of that. Stay where you are. In fact, maybe you’re not quite done after all.”

With a great crack that echoed through the quiet hotel room, I slapped both of her buttocks, and she howled each time, her weeping devolving into full-on crying. With the last cruel flurry of harsh blows, I peppered any remaining patches of flesh that weren’t already a deep red. Then I stilled my hands, spreading a palm across the span of her bottom, the seething heat of her flesh like a hot stove. Something in my gentle touch seemed to break something loose within her.

“Nick…oh my God, Nick…” She came apart then in great gusts of frantic, heartfelt sobbing. I didn’t say anything for a long while, just held her there over my lap, softly stroking her bottom for her, caressing thighs marked with a storm of finger marks and half-submerged handprints.

Finally, I helped her to rise, and she paused, half-off my lap, her tear-flooded eyes looking upon me. The anguish on her face nearly melted my heart then, and I drew her back to me, this time cradling her against my chest, her weeping growing louder again, her hands twisting and clawing into my shirt.

For long minutes, I held her like that, fondling her bared breasts occasionally, still palming the heated, swollen curve of her bottom as I kept her close. When her sniffles finally lessened, I gently rose, bringing her with me, setting her feet upon the floor. Her sweater fell back down, covering up her tangled bra, and nearly concealing her pussy from my sight as well. Rather than admonish her for it, I simply took her hand.

“Where… what are you doing?” she asked, her voice a watery murmur.

I didn’t say anything though, until I’d led her to one of the corners of the suite, along the wall opposite the couch.

“You’ll stay here until I tell you that you can come out. Understand?”


I slapped her ass, and she yelped. “Understand?”

“Yes! Yes…okay.” She turned her face toward the join of the two walls, and I drew her hands behind her, pushing her more closely into the corner with the heel of my hand between her shoulder blades. I then pressed her hands to the back hem of her sweater. “Pull that up. You’ll display the results of your punishment.” I waited, then was pleased to see her reluctantly gather the sweater in her trembling fingers, drawing it up until it revealed the whole of her round—and very well-spanked—bottom. “It’ll be this way from now on after you’re punished.”

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