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New Website Features & Design!

New Website SliderWhat’s New?

This summer we’ve been working on a redesign of the site, and we do mean a redesign. The look of our company site is completely different from headers to footers. However, most of the comments and subscriptions have carried over from one site to the other, so don’t worry—we’re not working completely from scratch.

Cleaning Up

We cleaned up every author page and every post, making it easy to read, easy to navigate, and easier to learn more about the author and every story.

Getting Cozier With Our Authors

Our authors work hard, and we want to make sure that you don’t miss anything that they do! The newest updates to our authors’ pages will appear on the left-hand side of most pages, and blog tours and interviews about Stormy Night works of authors will be listed on their author page!

Samples & More Story Information

Every book now has a long sample that normally lasts the whole first chapter of the book! So now you’ll get to get the first taste of all our stories.

Each book post now also includes the length of the work, an excerpt of the story (separate from the sample), the price, and links to the author page from the work. As on the older version of the site, you’ll also be given the blurb of the story, the publisher’s note, and the link to every online retailer where the book is currently available.


One of the main comments we’ve received from readers and consumers about our website is that they wish that it was a little easier to look through our collection based on categories. Now you have it! We still have a publication list that shows all stories in order of release, but we’ve also put all books into their appropriate categories. Soon we will include tags as well.

Take Control of the Site

 We’re not perfect; we miss an interview here or there, a community event, and every now and then there will be a dead link or a typo. We strive for perfection, so if you see any errors or would like to link exchange, please visit here, fill out the form, and we’ll fix the problem or add the info!

About Us

Now that Stormy Night Publications is well into its second year, we noticed that the ‘About Us’ section was getting outdated. That’s been updated, and included with that is the bio of our new editorial assistant, Jamie Miles!

Submission Facts and Publishing FAQs

If you’d published with us in the past, you might have seen that our information for those who want to publish their stories with us used to be pretty sparce, meaning an email exchange back and forth before you could decide if we’re a good fit for you and your work!

Now, you can rest easy! We’ve included our

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