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Obeying Her Vikings: A Reverse Harem Romance by Lily Harlem

After Viking warrior Wade Gudlaug’s hunting expedition is delayed so long that his bride-to-be presumes him dead, he returns home to find that another man has begun courting her. The first instinct of both men is to fight to the death over the woman they love, but when she begs to be spared the pain of losing one of them it is decided instead that she will be their shared bride.

Though Iona soon finds herself with her cheeks blushing and her well-spanked bottom burning, when her new husbands claim her together she is left sore, spent, and satisfied. But when a third man seeks to marry her as well, will she be able to handle the appetites of so many Vikings?




Publisher’s Note: Obeying Her Vikings includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Lily Harlem

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 58,600 words


Iona looked from Tal to Wade. “Aye, do it, now,” Wade said firmly. “Over the table.”

A swarm of humiliation went through her. Was she really to be spanked again, like a child? It hardly seemed fair after the day she’d had.

“I swear to all the gods in Valhalla if you do not hurry up the punishment will be doubled,” Tal said, striding to the opposite end of the table and stooping so his knuckles rested on it. “Over you go, quickly.”

She could tell from his expression that he was not messing around. He was furious with her for disobeying him. Perhaps it was for the best it was Wade who was to spank her; he didn’t seem as riled up as Tal.

She flattened on the table, her breasts squashing beneath her as she clasped her hands under her chin. Her shoulders were tense, her buttocks clenched.

“Lift your clothing up,” Wade ordered. “How can I redden your rump with the tunic in the way?”

“Oh, but…” She’d hoped to take the stick over the top of the material. It would afford her some protection.

“I’d do as he’s asked,” Tal said, his voice low but dangerous and his breath breezing over her hair. “Otherwise he’ll rip it from you and ‘morrow you’ll be short of clothing.”

With her hands shaking she reached behind herself and gathered the material. She drew it upward, the cool air washing around her calves, knees, and thighs.

“More. Higher.” Wade used the stick to bunch it up and over her buttocks.

As her bare bottom was revealed she tightened her pussy. She was damp down there, and her clit was pulsing against the tabletop. She locked her knees and pressed her thighs together, hoping he wouldn’t see her glistening pussy lips.

“That’s better,” Wade said, dragging the last strip of clothing out of the way so she was utterly vulnerable and exposed. He ran his hand over her ass cheeks, first the right, then the left, dipping into her cleft, stroking the delicate under curve.

She whimpered and gripped the lip of the table, grinding her clit onto it. His actions were making her wetter down there; he was creating a hunger for more, a need for him.

His palm was replaced with the cool flat stick. Not slapping or pressing hard, just resting there as if letting her know what she was in for.

She closed her eyes and curled her toes in her boots. Her body was alive, as if every sense was on high alert.

“Please, no,” she whispered.

“Try and be brave,” Tal said, stroking her hair from her hot brow. “This will hurt.”

The wood lifted from her ass, she held her breath. Then the first slap connected hard and fast, sending darts of pain shooting over her skin.

She cried out, arched her back and danced on her toes. It was so different from a palm. It was meaner, faster, hotter.

Another five slaps followed, rapid and accurate and each one layering up the pain in a precise strip covering each bare cheek.

She wailed, tears stinging behind her closed eyelids.

Wade’s stick was harsh. The heat was instant and intense.

“Your bottom will take this punishment,” Wade said, pausing and rubbing her ass cheeks. “And you will learn to obey.”

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