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On His Naughty List by Shelly Douglas

With the mayor breathing down his neck as he tries to solve a high-profile case, Lieutenant Andrew Geraci is grateful for the extra help when Ashley Scott is assigned to his team. Though she quickly impresses him with her skill and intelligence, when the headstrong young detective jeopardizes their undercover work with her failure to do as she is told, Andrew does not hesitate to take her over his knee for a sound spanking on her bare bottom.

Despite her blushing cheeks and sore backside, the stern chastisement leaves Ashley intensely aroused, and soon enough she is writhing in ecstasy as Andrew masters her beautiful body completely. But when she continues to disregard his orders, Ashley learns the hard way that Andrew is more than willing to punish a disobedient woman’s bottom both inside and out.

As the investigation proceeds, their romance grows more passionate by the day. But when the man they are hunting realizes they are closing in and decides to come after Ashley, will Andrew be able to keep her safe?

Publisher’s Note: On His Naughty List includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Shelly Douglas

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 33,700 Words


She tried to make a quick escape, but he managed to intertwine his leg around hers, trapping her in his solid hold. “Behave yourself, missy, and take your spanking like a big girl.”

“Are you crazy? For God’s sake! What do you think you’re doing? I’m a grown woman with a respectable career, not a child…”

“Yes, I’m well aware of your age, and your credentials are outstanding,” he added with a calm nonchalance, bending her waist over his lap. “But I promised to spank your bare hind end the next time you disobeyed me, and you’re about to find out the hard way that I don’t back out on my promises.”

Her face blushed a bright shade of crimson as she struggled in his firm grasp, wriggling and jerking over the soft black cotton fabric covering the stiff slabs of his thighs. But he curved his fingers under the waistband of her khaki pants and in one agile movement, tugged them down to her knees, taking her white panties along for the ride. “Jesus Christ. Are you crazy? Let me go. Please let me go!” she pleaded and yelped.

But he held onto her waist with unyielding determination. “Be still,” he scolded through a grim expression, landing a well-placed swat onto each buttock. “Maybe this will refresh your memory that I’m the one responsible for this investigation,” he continued, his heavy hand bouncing from one tender side to the other, painting her hind cheeks a uniform shade of lipstick red. “And if you want to remain on my team, you will follow my instructions. Is that clear?”

“Fuck!” she screamed out. “That hurts!”

“That is not the preferred answer, Detective Scott,” he firmly chastised in a low gravelly voice before his open palm landed another sharp smack to her fluttering behind. The sight of her red ass had his aching cock practically bulging out of his pants, but just as he began kneading her blazing buttocks, Ashley caught her second wind and bowed her back, trying to break away from his strong grip.

“Stop that,” he warned, repositioning her hips over his lap, locking his athletic leg over hers. His tone was stern as he watched her full, rounded globes wiggle with each swift smack. She craned her neck to look up at him, her icy blue eyes pooled with obvious tears of humiliation as she shimmied and writhed trying to get free, but determined to keep her in place, he tucked her even closer with one hand and continued to smack her reddened rump with the other.

“Please! I’ll follow the rules from now on. I promise!” she shrieked, thrashing about while managing to display her glistening wet sex in the process.

“All right, all right,” he soothed, massaging her red-hot flesh while glancing downward to catch a satisfying glimpse of her slick, needy pussy lips. As she stopped sobbing and her breathing slowed to a normal pace, he effortlessly flipped her body and pulled her up onto his lap.

“My girl has never received discipline like that before, has she?” he whispered, running thick fingers through her short, dark layered hair.

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