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Owned: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

They own me, and nobody gets rough with what’s theirs. Nobody but them…

With a ruthless, corrupt billionaire after me, Crockett, Dylan, and Wade are just the men I need. Rough men who know how to keep a woman safe… and how to make her scream their names.

But the Hell’s Fury MC doesn’t do charity work, and their help will come at a price.

A shameful price…

They aren’t just going to bare me, punish me, and then do whatever they want with me.

They’re going to make me beg for it.


Publisher’s Note: Owned includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that Owned was previously titled Theirs to Protect.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 80,700 words


Dylan fisted my hair, yanking my head back forcefully even as he pushed me down closer to Wade. He thrust his fingers beside Wade’s cock, pumping several times then slid them up the crack of my ass as he leaned over. “Take a deep breath, sweet Kelly. You’re going to be filled completely.”

I bit back a cry as he slipped one then two other fingers into my dark hole, instantly pushing past my tight ring of muscle. As before, the pain was instantaneous, blinding yet I wiggled against him, clamping down.

“I think the little girl is hungry,” Wade murmured before swirling his tongue around my nipple.

“Not as famished as I am.” Dylan scooted closer as he removed his fingers, tapping my bottom. “Relax for me, baby girl. Time to get fucked.”

I held my breath as he slipped his cock inside, stretching me wide open. Dropping my head, whimpers escaped my mouth as a rush of adrenaline swept through me. I could no longer breathe from the pain even as pure euphoria almost instantly began to take over. I was lost in a parallel universe, watching as two powerful, brawny men fucked me.

When they began to work together, moving in and out, thrusting with wanton abandon, I lost all aspects of control. Every inch of my body tingled, a wildfire building deep within me, threatening to consume all three of us. We rocked together, two cocks plunging so deep inside that I could no longer feel my toes.

“Yes… That’s it. Take all of me,” Dylan said gruffly as he gripped my hips, driving into me hard and fast.

The sounds were exciting, their guttural growls absolutely beautiful to hear, echoing in my already ringing ears. I no longer cared about anything else. There was no danger, no worries about the future. There was only this moment in time.

And absolute pleasure.

The loud creaking of the bed mixed with the hard fucking created a lulling reminder of how exquisite the moment shared truly was. As the brutal fucking continued, I realized my thoughts had drifted to Crockett. A smile curled on my face as every slice of tension eased from my body, leaving me quivering to the very core.

“You need to come for me, baby girl. Come on Big Daddy’s cock.” Wade’s command was soft spoken but full of domination.

When I managed to open my eyes, I could see such burning emotion in his. He was no longer the angry man who’d remained uncertain about a wayward woman. He was a man possessed with desire, one taking everything he believed he deserved.

And I wanted him to take more and more.

The thought riveting, I let myself go, another beautiful wave sliding up from my toes, slamming into my aching pussy.

“Oh. Oh… Yes…” I heard the strangled sound of my cries and could only smile. This was what pure ecstasy was made of.

The men refused to stop, thrusting harder. Faster. I was in a surreal state, the bliss molding into something else entirely. A second orgasm came on fast, tripping every live wire until I was exploding inside, my muscles clamping and releasing with such fury that I heard the change in both men’s breathing.

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