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Beautiful Sinner: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

Our families made the arrangement. He made me his. When I first screamed his name in shameful surrender, Sevastian Kozlov was the enemy, the heir of a rival family who had just finished spanking me into submission after I dared to defy him. Though he’d already claimed my body by the time he claimed me as his bride, no matter ...

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Dark Beast: A Fae Shifter Romance by Sara Fields

I can protect her from the world, but nothing will protect her from me. Many a blushing lass has screamed my name in bed over the long years I’ve walked this land, watching over humanity even after they turned their backs on me. But I’ve never claimed a mate. Until Layna. When I first set eyes on this beautiful creature ...

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Vow of Seduction: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

I swore I would make them pay. They made me theirs instead. Alexander Durante, Brogan Lancaster, and Daniel Norwood are powerful, dangerous men, but that won’t keep them safe from me. Not after they let my brother take the fall for their crimes. I spent years preparing for my chance at revenge. But things didn’t go as planned… Now I’m ...

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Anna’s Daddy by Rose St. Andrews

When Anna stumbled into Ryan Fleming at the grocery store and then proceeded to give him an undeserved piece of her mind, she didn’t expect to find herself over his knee later that night with her bottom bare for a sound spanking and she certainly didn’t think she’d be calling him daddy. Yet even if she blushes to admit it, ...

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A Bad Girl’s Reckoning by Emily Tilton

When nineteen-year-old Briana Tragner disobeys orders and wanders outside the military installation to which she has been deployed to serve the needs of three stern daddies, she quickly ends up in the hands of the enemy. Naked and bound, she faces the most humiliating ordeal imaginable as her captors take turns putting all of her prior training to use for ...

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Sweet Ferocity: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake

Keeping her safe was my job. Keeping her for myself became my obsession. She is a Russian mafia princess, kidnapped to be used as a pawn in a deadly turf war. I was hired to bring her home, but the moment I saw her I knew I must have her for myself. She can run, but I will always be ...

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Beautiful Villain: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

What he wants, he keeps… whether the Irish mafia likes it or not. When I knocked on Kirill Sabatin’s door, I didn’t know he was the Kozlov Bratva’s most feared enforcer. I didn’t expect him to be the most terrifyingly sexy man I’ve ever laid eyes on either… I told him off for making so much noise in the middle ...

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Theirs to Control by Ivy Barrett

To Bailey Mitchell, the Kobar were just test subjects… until she was taken for breeding. Studying a huge, intimidatingly sexy alien in the safety of her science lab was one thing. Being carried off over his shoulder with her bottom already burning was something else entirely. Now her specimen has made himself her master, and he won’t be keeping her ...

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Mine to Keep: A Dark Mafia Romance by Sara Fields

He’s not a boss. He’s the boss. I can still remember the moment I first heard Cyrus Holt’s deep, commanding voice. I didn’t know who he was or about the life he’d left behind. I was just a trembling orphan on the run from a monster, and he was the man offering me shelter and not giving me a choice ...

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