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Her Millionaire Master by Maria Monroe

When graduate student Bella James agrees to house sit for her wealthy neighbor, Kane Calhoun, he makes it clear that he expects her to respect his privacy. After curiosity gets the better of her, however, she manages to spill the darkly handsome millionaire’s twelve-thousand-dollar bottle of scotch all over his desk while snooping around his office. Even worse, he returns ...

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His Wayward Woman by Ava Sinclair

Jace Whitaker has always had a special place in his heart for Lily Mae Slater, and when he left for college it pained him to hear about her running wild in his absence. Upon returning to their small Texas town for Lily’s high school graduation only to have her show up at his door drunk, angry, and looking for a ...

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His Little Red Lily Courts Two Top 100 Lists

Amelia Smarts‘ latest release, His Little Red Lily, has spent time this week on Amazon’s Top 100 lists for Western Romance and Two-Hour Romance Short Reads! Congratulations, Amelia! ★★★★★ Stephanie Cain “If its by Amelia Smarts, buy it now.”  on March 26, 2016 As always, Amelia Smarts offers us a heroine with substance and gumption and a hero worthy of her. The story involves ...

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Mated to the Warriors Claims Two Top 100 Spots

Grace Goodwin‘s new book, Mated to the Warriors, has reached the Top 100 lists in both the Romantic Action and Adventure and the Science Fiction Romance categories on Amazon! Congratulations, Grace! ★★★★★ Monica @ “I LOVE THIS SERIES & THIS AUTHOR!! ANOTHER WINNER FROM GRACE GOODWIN!!” on March 28, 2016 I’M SO LOVING GRACE GOODWIN!!! This is the 2nd book of the Interstellar ...

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Scarlet’s Scandalous Secret Deflowers a Top 100 Spot

Maggie Carpenter‘s latest release, Scarlet’s Scandalous Secret, has made Amazon’s Top 100 list for Victorian Romance! Congratulations, Maggie! ★★★★★ Anonymous @ “Suspenseful, Surprising, Romantic, and Super Sexy” on March 30, 2016 This is the story of a headstrong young woman, Scarlet, and her childhood friend, Richard. Richard has looked out for Scarlet throughout their lives, and she has always ...

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Mated to the Warriors by Grace Goodwin

When circumstances leave her with little choice but to volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program, Hannah Johnson finds herself matched with not one but two mates. Her soon-to-be husbands are warriors of the planet Prillon, a world whose men are known far and wide for their prowess both in battle and in bed. Following her transport to a starship halfway ...

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His Little Red Lily by Amelia Smarts

Lily has dreamed of performing on stage since she was a small child, and at the age of eighteen she approaches Jesse, the owner of the local saloon, to ask for a job singing and dancing for his customers. Lily has been secretly in love with Jesse ever since the day he took it upon himself to comfort her when ...

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Scarlet’s Scandalous Secret by Maggie Carpenter

Though they were once inseparable, nineteen-year-old Scarlet Fairfax has spurned Richard Portman’s friendship since the fateful day when he took her in hand—and over his knee—in an effort to protect her virtue from the unwholesome attentions of a rakish foreign prince. But now, as she faces the potential ruin of both her own reputation and that of her family, Scarlet ...

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His to Tame Seizes Two Top 100 Spots

Kallista Dane‘s newest release, His to Tame, is currently holding a spot on Amazon’s Top 100 for Romantic Action & Adventure and earlier this week it spent time in the Top 100 for Science Fiction Romance as well! Congratulations, Kallista!

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Punished by the Admiral Takes Command of Two #1 Spots

Sue Lyndon‘s new short story, Punished by the Admiral, has reached the #1 spots in Amazon’s 90-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads and 90-Minute Romance Short Reads categories, and it is in the Top 10 in the general Science Fiction Romance category as well. Congratulations, Sue! ★★★★★ Laurel @ “Delightful Fun Sci-Fi By Sue Lyndon” March 19, 2016 What a delightful and fun ...

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