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Hard Men: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

Men like them take what they’re owed. They took me. My father’s will left his company to me, but the three roughnecks who ran it for him have other ideas. They’re owed a debt and they mean to collect on it, but it’s not money these brutes want. It’s me. In return for protection from my father’s enemies, I will ...

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Her Billionaire’s Demands by Emily Tilton

Eighteen-year-old Nikki Alvarez has a problem. After getting in trouble with the corporate authorities in her hometown, she now has a red flag on her record. Even after moving to Chicago, her only promising suitor doesn’t just know all about it, he plans to correct her himself. Before the wealthy former military officer paddles Nikki’s bare bottom thoroughly for that ...

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Caught and Caged: A Dark Mafia Romance by Vonna Harper

He took her to make her talk. He kept her as his pet. Joe Risinger is certain Lainey Stanfield knows something about her stepfather’s mafia empire. Certain enough to take her captive. Certain enough to lock her in a cage wearing nothing but a collar and a tail. Certain enough to strip her bare, spank her until she is sobbing, ...

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Her Very Strict Captain: A Rough Romance by Maggie Carpenter

On his yacht, he makes the rules. Scott Specter isn’t just an expert sailor and former Navy SEAL. He’s a man who will take a disobedient woman over his knee, bare her bottom, and give her the spanking of her life. He’s also the man Elizabeth McKay needs. Working undercover for the DEA, she is tasked with the arrest of ...

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Wolf Daddy by Morganna Williams

She is his mate. He will be her daddy. When he catches Shasta Ludlow in a bad part of town looking for castoff treasures for her art, police chief Gideon Trace immediately recognizes two things about the beautiful, feisty human. She is his mate, and she needs a daddy. Though Gideon manages to hold back the savage, primal need demanding ...

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Keeping Their Baby by Korey Mae Johnson

She should hate it. She shouldn’t put up with it. But being their baby just feels right… Before Sophie met Liz, Charlie, and Josh, she was camping out in the attic of an office building. Now she has a beautiful, strict lawyer mommy, a stern, handsome football star daddy, and a fun-loving, sexy-as-hell doctor uncle. But they spank her bare ...

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Austin: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

I offered this brute a ride. I ended up the one being ridden. The first time I saw Austin, he was hitchhiking. I stopped to give him a lift, but I didn’t end up taking this big, rough former Marine wherever he was heading. He was far too busy taking me. She thought she was in charge. Then I took ...

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