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The Hunter’s Pet Catches Amazon’s Top 100

Loki Renard‘s latest release, The Hunter’s Pet, is currently sitting pretty on three of Amazon’s Top 100 lists: Romantic Erotica, BDSM, and Erotic Science Fiction.  This extremely spicy science fiction, filled with spanking and pet play, is impossible to put down and is a joy to read.  Congratulations, Loki! ★★★★★ A.L. Sparrow @ “Outstanding story, with or without the equally ...

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Given to the Savage by Natasha Knight

In the aftermath of a plague which brought civilization to its knees and left most of the world’s female population sterile, breeders—the few women who remain fertile—have become a precious commodity. Breeders live in relative comfort, but upon reaching adulthood they are tasked with bearing one child after another to carry on the species. Frequent medical assessments keep the breeders ...

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At Leo’s Command by Emily Tilton

When twenty-three-year-old Kristen Harper peeks through a window and witnesses a man giving a woman a bare-bottom spanking, the sight ignites desires she has ignored for too long. After Kristen sees the same man get into a van with a company’s logo, she calls the company to make an appointment, hoping to experience for herself what she glimpsed in the ...

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The Billionaire and the Waitress by Constance Masters

Josh Wheeler hadn’t come to this small-town diner looking for romance—this was a business trip—but when Chelsea Patterson walks up to his table work takes a back seat in a hurry. By the end of the day, Josh is absolutely sure of one thing: Chelsea is something special. After years spent resisting the advances of women enchanted only by his ...

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The Hunter’s Pet by Loki Renard

Sarah has lived her life in the wild lands, far from the city-dwellers who regard her as little more than an animal. Making use of her quick wits and the natural camouflage provided by a rare mutation, she has avoided being claimed as some hunter’s pet… until now. For a man who must venture into the wilds to bring home ...

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Alice and the Colonel Makes an Amazon Top 100!

Jaye Peaches‘ newest release, Alice and the Colonel, is currently on Amazon’s Top 100 list for Regency Romance! Congratulations, Jaye! See what readers are already saying about this book! ★★★★★ Tasty Cake @ “This was a wonderful story with well described scenes and great characters”, August 9, 2014 This was a wonderful story with well described scenes and great ...

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The Traveler’s Bride by Chula Stone

As the daughter of the founder and leader of The Ridge, one of the most successful settlements since the collapse which brought down the civilized world, twenty-one-year-old Olivia VanWyck is used to living by her own set of rules. But when fever strikes her community while she is away on an unauthorized scouting expedition, Olivia ends up trapped outside the ...

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Sharing Lila by D.W. Collins

Nineteen-year-old Lila hoped for the best when she left Pittsburgh and set out to help her father start a new bank in the hardscrabble western town of High Meadow, but when her father is killed in a bank robbery her peaceful world is shattered. Carried off by outlaws to be used for their pleasure, salvation comes just in the nick ...

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Alice and the Colonel by Jaye Peaches

There is nothing quite like a man in uniform—at least as far as nineteen-year-old Alice Aubrey is concerned—and when Colonel Edmund Seymour’sregiment arrives in town she is ecstatic. But a bout of youthful exuberance results in her wandering through the streets unchaperoned with a junior officer, inebriated and causing a general commotion, and it isn’t long before the entire town ...

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Eden Masters Three Top 100 Lists

Loki Renard‘s latest book, Masters of Eden, has reached the Amazon Top 100 lists for Science Fiction Erotica, Action & Adventure Erotica, and BDSM Erotica.  Congratulations to Loki! See what readers are already saying about this book! ★★★★★ NoAngel @ “This one is HOT a Must Read” August 1, 2014 This is a awesome story Lots of action romance and ...

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