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Theirs to Train: A Victorian Menage Romance by Samantha Madisen

When a wealthy businessman offers to forgive a family debt in return for her as his bride, nineteen-year-old orphan Caroline Blanchet is indignant at the thought of being all but sold. After a scandalous incident disrupts the match, however, Caroline soon finds herself on her way to Rohan Blackstone’s estate to be prepared for her future place in another gentleman’s ...

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Savage: A Rough Romance by Sara Fields

I thought no alpha could tame me. I was wrong. Many men have tried to master me, but never one like Aric. He is not just an alpha, he is a fearsome beast, and he means to take for himself what warriors and kings could not conquer. I thought I could fight him, but his mere presence forced overwhelming, unimaginable ...

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Skylord: A Dark Dragon Shifter Romance by Delta James

She set out to slay a dragon. She ended up claimed and bred. When Duncan awoke from long centuries of sleep, Aurora was waiting for him, ready to strike him down and avenge her ancestors. But the Lord of the Sky is not so easy to kill, and she ended up punished, sore, and screaming with every helpless climax as ...

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Claimed: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Chloe Kent

They bought her. Now they will breed her. Even with Earth devastated by an asteroid impact and a tyrant ruling with an iron fist, Skyler Williams is still shocked when she suddenly awakens on another world, naked and on display for three alarmingly sexy aliens. Her captors make it clear that they expect to be obeyed, and she quickly discovers ...

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Scorpion: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

He didn’t ask if I like it rough. It wasn’t up to me. I thought I could get away with pissing off a big, tough Marine. I ended up with my face planted in the sheets, my burning bottom raised high, and my hair held tightly in his fist as he took me long and hard and taught me the ...

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Seducing His Sassenach by Ashe Barker

Robert McGregor never thought he’d find himself attracted to a strong-willed Englishwoman, but when beautiful, feisty nursemaid Jane Bartle offers her help in his search for a kidnapped baby he takes it upon himself to tame her. Her blushing response to a stern lesson over his knee only increases his desire to claim and wed her, and he redoubles his ...

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Tamed by the Doctor by Aurie Jameson

When a nasty breakup leaves Zoey with nowhere to live, her handsome boss Dr. Evan Anderson offers her a place to stay until she can get back on her feet. Though she’s always had a crush on him, after moving in she is shocked when the strict, sexy doctor makes it clear he will demand her obedience. More embarrassing still, ...

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Claiming the Princess by Rose St. Andrews

When Jasmine ignores all expectations for the behavior of a princess and breaks the rules of her strict society, she soon finds herself arrested and then subjected to an embarrassing medical exam before her sentencing. Offered the chance to escape, she ends up under the protection of three brothers who quickly prove more than ready to spank her bare bottom ...

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