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The Alpha’s Prize by Sassa Daniels

She will be his queen, but first he will put her on her knees. Leonid Sobakhin has known for years that Francesca di Angelo is his mate, but a Russian alpha claiming an Italian princess would have risked a dangerous conflict with her pack. Until now… Banished by her pack, Francesca is now an exile, and when selling everything she ...

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Broken for Him by Emily Tilton

Since becoming prime minister of Omislava after the death of her father, twenty-seven-year-old Zaria Gorsky has lived in fear of two things. Losing her country to the corrupt minister of energy and losing control of her body to the first man strong enough to give her exactly what she needs. Pretorian Guard operative Bradley Porter intends to prevent the former ...

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Rough by Sara Fields

I came here as a spy. I ended up as the king’s property. I was captured and locked in a dungeon, but it was only when I saw Magnar that I felt real fear. He is a warrior and a king, but that is not why my virgin body quivers as I stand bare before him. He is not merely ...

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King’s Hostage: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

A King takes what he wants. He wants me. When my life was threatened, Michael King didn’t just take matters into his own hands. He took me. When he carried me off it was partly to protect me, but mostly it was because he wanted me. I didn’t choose to go with him, but it wasn’t up to me. That’s ...

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Theirs to Command by Ivy Barrett

Yesterday Marissa Scott thought she would never be selected for breeding. Today she stands naked before her new masters with her tear-stained cheeks blushing crimson, her bottom burning from a stern reminder of her place, and her helpless arousal on full display. But it isn’t just the thought of three Kobar warriors ravaging her without mercy that terrifies her. It ...

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Singing for Her Master by Rose St. Andrews

First he made her obey. Then he made her his pet. Stephanie Lobo has the voice and the moves to be the next big pop sensation, but when her immature behavior threatens to derail her career her boyfriend decides to put her in her place. From now on when she’s naughty she’ll be bared and very soundly spanked, and when ...

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Cruel Masters: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

Men like them don’t ask. They take. I thought I understood the risks of going undercover to report on billionaires flaunting their power, but these men didn’t send lawyers after me. They’re going to deal with me themselves. Now I’m naked aboard their private plane, my backside already burning from one of their belts, and these three infuriatingly sexy bastards ...

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Taming Her by Lily Harlem

When they were still in college, Ava Sontag ran away from her feelings for Griffin Dix. It was the biggest mistake of her life, and she thought she would never see him again. Until today… Today he put her in handcuffs. He’s a police officer now and she’s under arrest, but he’s not bringing her back to the station. After ...

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Taught by the Doctor by Aurie Jameson

Since she started nursing school Zoey’s life has become more hectic than ever before, but Dr. Evan Anderson has no intention of letting down the woman he loves when she needs him most. He is fully prepared to personally ensure she finishes what she started, even when that means reddening her bottom at the slightest hint that she is not ...

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Big Dog: A Rough Romance by Delta James

He’s going to make her obey. Then he’s going to make her his. The last time they met, Wyatt Moore took Makenna Dalton over his knee and spanked her bare bottom, then bent her over the couch and taught her what it means to be truly put in her place. Then duty called and he thought he might never see ...

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