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The Doctor’s Captive by Loki Renard

After countless failed attempts to eliminate him, Jason Blake—the deadly rogue agent better known as the Doctor—has finally slipped up and revealed his location. As the best-trained operative in her organization, it comes as no surprise to Katie when she is assigned to take Jason down. But when she underestimates her enemy’s skill and her mission goes horribly awry as ...

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Shared and Examined by Bella Jackson

After stepping through a mysterious door in the bedroom of a rented cottage, Kathryn Williams is shocked to find herself in a Victorian nursery. Stranger still, the room is decorated as though it were meant for a small child but the bed is adult-sized. Her curiosity turns to shock when she discovers that not only is the nursery attached to ...

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The Colonel’s Woman by Jordan St. John

Earning an honest living is a challenge for a woman on her own in the rough and tumble western town of Ketchum, Idaho in 1896, and given her circumstances, renting rooms to a few boarders seemed like a good option for a young widow like Emma Weston. But Emma never counted on a man like Colonel Nathan Bradford taking up ...

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Buying His Mate Reaches #1 in Sci-Fi Erotica!

Once again, Emily Tilton‘s latest book has made big numbers on Amazon! Not only is her latest release, Buying His Mate, in the Top 20 of Amazon’s BDSM Erotica category, it also spent some time today in the #1 slot in Sci-Fi Erotica! Congratulations, Emily! ★★★★★  SH @ “Fantastic!” on June 5, 2015 Another winner from Ms. Tilton and I have ...

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Balancing the Baby Makes a Top 100

Stardawn Cabot‘s newest release, Balancing the Baby, has made it into Amazon’s Top 100 for BDSM Erotica! Congratulations, Stardawn! ★★★★★  Georgia @ “Sweet romance” on June 9, 2015 This was a very sweet book and it reminded me of the struggle of being a first time mom. It was more than that though, it was about a couple who’s romance had ...

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Rules of the Pack Hunts Down Two Top 100 Spots

Adaline Raine‘s new werewolf romance, Rules of the Pack, has staked its claim to the #3 spot on Amazon’s Top 100 for Paranormal Erotica, and it has reached the Top 100 for BDSM Erotica as well! Congratulations, Adaline! ★★★★★  Meredith O’Reilly @ “Hot Story!” on June 6, 2015 Phil is the beta enforcer of a werewolf pack. He takes his ...

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Balancing the Baby by Stardawn Cabot

Although Sarah Anderson loves being a new mother, the chaotic, tiring routines of daily life have led her husband Wes to let the domestic discipline aspects of their relationship fall by the wayside. When Sarah stops taking care of herself properly and starts to grow more and more disobedient, he decides not only that it’s been far too long since ...

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Rules of the Pack by Adaline Raine

Alisha Knight is a down-to-earth woman who just so happens to have her sights set on the beta of a large werewolf pack. But despite the way her body reacts to his powerful presence, bitter experience has shown her that a wolf pack is no place for a human girl. As his alpha’s trusted second-in-command, Phil McKenna takes his responsibilities ...

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Buying His Mate by Emily Tilton

In the years since the rich and powerful abandoned their planet, society on Earth has all but disintegrated. But there is one thing that those who left Earth behind still need from their old home, and in return for sustenance and protection the remaining humans of Earth have offered their women as mates to those who wish to claim them. ...

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