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The Trail Boss and the Runaway by Lori Tyler

After nineteen-year-old Winnie Freeman is forced to run away from home by the schemes of a murderer, she soon learns that Percival, Texas in 1885 is no easy place for a young woman to make it on her own. So when trail boss Adam Talbert takes an interest in her situation and offers her a job on a cattle drive, ...

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The Soldier and the Widow by Chula Stone

The years since Josh left to join the army have been hard on SueNell. He was her childhood crush, and she had always been sure she would be his wife one day. But with her parents lost to a tragic accident, SueNell was left on her own with a ranch to run and a younger brother to raise, and when ...

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A Punishment Exam for Jane by Emily Tilton

Unwilling to admit to desires that fill her with shame, investigative journalist Jane Redford is on a mission to infiltrate and then bring down the Institute. But to her shock, soon after her arrival she discovers that those who run the Institute are fully aware of her intentions and have their own plans for her, starting with a thorough, humiliating ...

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His to Command Seizes Two Top 100 Spots

Kallista Dane‘s most recent release, His to Command, has made the Top 5 in Amazon’s Sci-Fi Erotica category as well as the Top 50 in the BDSM Erotica category! Congratulations, Kallista! ★★★★★  SH @ “Steaming hot romance!” on May 24, 2015 I enjoyed this book from page one until the end! Whew, what a hot, steamy romance! The premise for the story is ...

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The Highlander’s Little Lass Claims a #1 Spot

Ava Sinclair‘s newest book, The Highlander’s Little Lass, has taken the #1 spot in Amazon’s Historical Erotica category and it is currently in the Top 10 in the BDSM Erotica category as well! This is the second book in a row from Ava that’s landed a #1 spot. Congratulations, Ava! ★★★★★  Nicole Vela @ “Be still my beating heart!” on May 27, 2015 ...

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Striker Locks Up a Top 100 Spot

Patricia Green‘s newest release, the detective thriller Striker, has been on Amazon’s Top 100 for Erotic Mystery since its release! Congratulations, Patricia! ★★★★★  SH @ “Don’t miss this!” on May 24, 2015 Oh, I got two of my favorite things with this book! A crime drama with some spanking romance mixed in and I loved it! The story has a ...

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Striker by Patricia Green

Detective Jase Striker doesn’t want a partner on the job, and when he’s saddled with Angelica Piccolino—a rookie in the homicide division—he’s more than a little annoyed. But his irritation with his sexy new partner soon morphs into a blistering passion, and though he fears what mixing work with pleasure will do to his crime fighting abilities, she soon proves ...

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The Highlander’s Little Lass by Ava Sinclair

As the daughter of a powerful highland laird, Glynis McLeod should have made a fine wife for any Scotsman. Having been deprived of discipline by her mother’s untimely passing, however, Glynis grew up wild and unchecked. As a lass of twenty, she has precious little respect for any man, let alone a husband her father might choose for her. But ...

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His to Command by Kallista Dane

When Amanda Jane Norris sets out on an undercover mission to infiltrate the ranks of a rogue general on the planet of Neodyma, a world which has turned its back on modern technology, she has complete confidence in her ability to complete her task. But then things go terribly wrong… Captured by the power-mad general, Amanda’s ordeal begins with a ...

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