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‘Patient’ Has No Difficulty Nabbing Two Amazon Top Spots

Loki Renard‘s latest release, A Difficult Patient, is a spicy-hot medical-play  that’s sitting pretty on Amazon’s Top 100 lists for BDSM Erotica and Romantic Erotica! Congratulations, Loki! See what readers are already saying about this book. Read it already? Leave a review! ★★★★★ SH @ “Don’t Miss This!” October 12, 2014 This is officially one of my favorite books ...

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Correcting Ms. Hardin by David O. Sullivan

Attorney Janet Hardin is used to being the one calling the shots at her office—some might go so far as to say she is bossy, rude, and high-strung—but when she hires attorney Solomon Thornton, she is totally unprepared for what follows. Horrified by her rude behavior toward her coworkers, Sol decides to teach Janet how to conduct herself in a ...

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The Emperor’s New Pony by Emily Tilton

Bound by oath to serve Princess Edera as he once served her father, since the old king’s passing it has been Lord Ranin’s sacred duty to keep the naïve, headstrong eighteen-year-old safe and her realm free. But when Edera ignores his dire warnings and rides out to meet the tyrannical Emperor Comnar on her own, her foolishness has a terrible ...

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Paying The Price by Stardawn Cabot

It comes as a great shock for Alexis Drake—rock star by day and highly trained secret agent by night—when she returns home to find that her girlfriend, Kasey Cooper, is missing. There are signs of a struggle, and Alex is certain foul play is involved. She immediately contacts her boss, who reluctantly admits that Kasey is a high ranking computer ...

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The Commander’s Daughter by Morganna Williams

Nineteen-year-old Melody hates that her parents make her go everywhere with Liam, the Ramelian warrior who has become her personal bodyguard. She craves freedom, and when Liam informs Melody that her father has given him permission to take her as his mate, she decides it is time to make her escape. But the huge, handsome brute merely tosses her over ...

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A Difficult Patient by Loki Renard

Upon arriving at Memorial General Hospital for treatment following a minor bicycle accident, twenty-six-year-old lawyer Alyssa Winters quickly becomes frustrated at wasting so many billable hours. Ignoring her complaints, Dr. Chase Wright—without a doubt the most handsome doctor Alyssa has ever seen—informs her that he will be personally seeing to her care and he expects her to do as she ...

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Little Scarlett and the Doctor Climbs The Lists!

Rose St. Andrews‘ latest release, Little Scarlett and The Doctor, wasted no time in filling out a prescription for two Top 100 spots! At the moment this spicy ageplay & medical-play science fiction romance is sitting on Amazon’s Top 100 lists for Science Fiction Erotica and BDSM Erotica. Congratulations, Rose! Read More Info & Buy! See what readers are readers are ...

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Little Scarlett and the Doctor by Rose St. Andrews

After her ship crashes on a far-off planet, twenty-seven-year-old astronaut Scarlett Collins is shocked to wake up in a re-creation of her childhood home. Stranger still is the fact that an eight-foot-tall alien man who calls himself Azul has apparently been seeing to her every need. Azul is fascinated by Scarlett’s responses to various stimuli—especially those of a sexual nature—and ...

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Her True Lord Claims Top 100 Spot!

Emily Tilton‘s latest smoking-hot release has been holding a Top 100 position in Amazon’s Historical Erotica Category for almost a week now! Congratulations, Emily! ★★★★★ SH @ “You Do Not Want To Miss This One… Seriously!!” This is now my most favorite book by Ms. Tilton, hands down! I absolutely am a sucker for a great historical romance but if ...

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The Rancher of Gemini Canyon by Chula Stone

When Reece Braith returns to his ranch after two years of military service, he is shocked to discover that his brother has set up an illegal mining operation on his property. Worse still, Reece’s wife Briar was forced to work in the mines in his absence, and she holds him personally responsible for the entire situation. Instead of greeting Reece ...

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