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Owning His Bride by Sue Lyndon

After enduring the first two years of a life sentence for a crime she didn’t commit, there is one thing Becca fears more than spending the rest of her days behind bars. When their five-year terms of service on the frozen prison planet of Kemmius are up, guards are allowed to choose a bride from among the prisoners, and the ...

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The Alpha’s Punishment by Renee Rose

It started with a small deception… Now, five long months later, Ashley’s alpha shifter fiancé still thinks they’ve been trying to conceive a baby when she’s secretly been taking the pill the whole time. When he finds out, there’s going to be hell to pay, and that means a thorough, humiliating punishment and a bottom which will soon be sore ...

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The Alpha’s Hunger by Renee Rose

When she took a short rest on the floor of her cubicle while working late, the last thing Ashley Bell expected was to wake up with the company’s notoriously hard-assed owner and CEO, Ben Stone, standing over her. The offer of a ride home is a bigger surprise, but the biggest shock of all comes when Ben asks her to ...

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Tamed: The Roark Brothers Trilogy

Tamed: The Roark Brothers Trilogy contains three best-selling books by Natasha Knight which tell the story of the firm-handed Roark brothers and the feisty women who are tamed by them. This trilogy includes: Taming Emma Emma had always been interested in exploring the world of BDSM, and given her desperate circumstances, this sounded like the perfect opportunity. One weekend of ...

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Saved by the Highlander Secures Two Top 100 Spots!

Emily Tilton‘s latest release, Saved by the Highlander, has earned Amazon Top 100 spots in both the Historical Erotica and the BDSM Erotica categories! ★★★★★  SH @ “Absolutely loved it!!” May 3, 2015 Another well written book from Emily Tilton and it’s no surprise, right?! Alice is a spitfire and unfortunately, betrothed to a horrible man. On her way to marry ...

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The Marine’s Pet is Unleashed

Loki Renard‘s newest release, The Marine’s Pet, has reached Amazon’s Top 100 lists for both the BDSM Erotica and Romantic Erotica categories. Congratulations, Loki! ★★★★★  SH @ “Fantastic!!” on May 3, 2015 Fantastic book and another winner from Loki Renard 🙂 Oh, I just loved Sarah who is full of sass and made me laugh out loud. Austin is the perfect alpha man ...

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Saved by the Highlander by Emily Tilton

When the young Englishwoman Alice Lourcy is waylaid by outlaws while traveling through Scotland to the castle of Lord Roderick, the man her father has arranged for her to wed, she is left in fear for her life. Though the timely arrival of highland clan chief Niall MacAlpin and his men spares her from a horrible fate, she soon discovers ...

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The Marine’s Pet by Loki Renard

Artist Sarah Digby has always been a free spirit. Maybe the parties she throws get a little too loud and run a little too late, and maybe her little dog has become something of an unholy terror in the neighborhood, but that certainly doesn’t give anybody the right to march into her house and scold her like a naughty child. ...

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The Rancher’s Bride Ropes Two Top 100s

Dina Chapel‘s first book with Stormy Night, The Rancher’s Bride, has reached Amazon’s Top 100 lists in both the Historical Erotica and the Western Erotica categories. Congratulations, Dina! ★★★★★ SH @ “Sweet Romance!” April 26, 2015 This was such a sweet romance! Marie was having a very tough time and got her knight in shining armor with Frank Carter. Marie was sweet but ...

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The Rancher’s Bride by Dina Chapel

After Marie McConnell is abandoned by her family, she fears she’ll be unable to support both herself and the two orphan boys who have recently come into her care. When she finds work as a nanny at the home of rancher Frank Carter, a widower with an infant daughter of his own, she can hardly believe her good fortune. To ...

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