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Discipline Down Under by Patricia Green

When her mother tires of supporting her during one half-hearted career pursuit after another, twenty-year-old Peggy Fisk is left with only one choice… to seek support from her father instead. He lives in Australia, but that fits just fine with her brand new plan for a career in nature photography. After running off two guides in her first month, however, ...

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The Coach’s Discipline Takes a Top 100 Spot

Katherine Deane‘s first solo book has made the Amazon Top 100 list for BDSM Erotica.  Congratulations to Katherine! Read More Info & Buy Today! Come see what readers are already saying about this book! ★★★★★ Tara Finnegan @ “Heartwarming, wonderfully written story” A heartwarming story of Claire, an athlete struggling with health and emotional issues which hold her back from ...

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Taming Naia Grabs Two Top 100 Spots

Natasha Knight’s latest book has made the Amazon Top 100 lists for Romantic Erotica and BDSM Erotica.  Congratulations to Natasha! Read More Info & Buy! See what readers are already saying about this book! ★★★★★Normandie Alleman @ “Caliente in Miami! “ I love BDSM books, but I’m not a big fan of those that take place in a club or ...

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The Barbarian’s Bride Plunders Three Top 100 Lists

Loki Renard‘s newest book has spent the last several days on Amazon’s top 100 lists for Historical Erotica, Romantic Erotica, and BDSM Erotica.  Congratulations to Loki! Read More Info & Buy! See what readers are already saying about this book! If you’ve read it, let the other readers know what you think! ★★★★★ SH @ “Don’t Miss This One!” ...

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The Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane

Marathon runner Claire Jacobs has always dreamed of making it to the Olympics, but she has a habit of getting in her own way. With the help of Nick Fox, a legendary coach known for his unconventional techniques, she prepares for one last shot at her dream. Traumatic memories of her experience with her last coach still haunt Claire, though, ...

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Taming Naia by Natasha Knight

Naia knows that Liam Roark has every right to be angry with her for sabotaging his career ten years ago with the accusation that he spanked her. When she seeks him out to ask his forgiveness, though, he will only give it on one condition: she’ll have to accept the bare-bottom spanking she once falsely claimed to have been given. ...

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Standing Strong in a Top 100

Stardawn Cabot‘s latest book reached Amazon’s Lesbian Romance Top 100 list soon after its release, and it has remained there since.  Congratulations to Stardawn! See what readers are already saying about this book! ★★★★★  SH @ “LOVE LOVE LOVE “ I loved this book!! I thought the first one, Standing Firm, was fantastic and this one is just as good, really. ...

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The Barbarian’s Bride by Loki Renard

After she is kidnapped by her father’s enemies and sold to the barbarian chief Rikiar, Princess Aisling finds that life as a barbarian’s bride is quite different than the one to which she was previously accustomed. To her dismay, the once pampered princess soon learns that the barbarian chief is not to be trifled with and any disobedience will earn ...

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An Extreme Marriage Reaches a Top 100

Emily Tilton‘s newest book has reached Amazon’s BDSM Erotica Top 100 list.  Congratulations to Emily! See what people are already saying about this book! ★★★★★SH @ “HOT read!” I loved the first in this series and this is a great follow up! It does stand alone nicely but if you haven’t read ‘Bought and Trained’ you really should. Jenny ...

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Standing Strong by Stardawn Cabot

Nineteen-year-old actress Dakota Summer was in desperate need of boundaries… until she met Morgan Fox and the bratty starlet found herself over the no-nonsense army veteran’s knee learning that naughtiness has consequences. Morgan’s firm hand proved to be just what Dakota had been missing in her life for so long, and they quickly grew close, first as friends and then ...

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