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Dangerous Defiance by Natasha Knight

From the moment FBI agent Jessica Manning arrives in the small town of New Hope to investigate the tragic—and suspicious—deaths of two civilians and a fellow agent, she is annoyed by the interference of the local sheriff, Jackson Montgomery. She fumes when Jackson forbids her from continuing her investigation without his assistance, but since her mission is off-the-record and unapproved ...

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The Winter Storm… Storms Two Top 100s

Our first three-author collaboration, The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle, has made both the Paranormal Erotica and BDSM Erotica Amazon Top 100s.  Congratulations to Renee Rose, Casey McKay, and Katherine Deane! Come see what readers are already saying about this book! ★★★★★  (Corinne) “Fresh Take On Our Favorite Fairy Tales” I enjoyed the unique way the authors wove ...

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Two Men, Two Sassy Young Ladies, and Two Top 100s

Emily Tilton‘s recently released book, Their Firm Men, has made the Amazon Top 100s for both Western Romance and Victorian Historical Romance.  Congratulations to Emily! Have you read the book? Don’t forget to comment and let us know what you think! See what reviews are already saying about this novel! ★★★★★  (_SH) “Two Firm Men…” I so enjoyed this ...

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Buccaneer Plunders Two Top 100s

Normandie Alleman‘s new book, Rescued by the Buccaneer, has not only made the Amazon Top 100 in BDSM Erotica, it has reached the #1 spot on the Amazon Historical Erotica Top 100 as well. Congratulations to Normandie! Come see what people are already saying about this book! ★★★★★  (Dsaraceni) “Great Pirate Story!” Frederica Beauchamp was on a ship on her ...

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Taming Megan Grabs Multiple Top 100 Spots

Natasha Knight’s latest title, Taming Megan, has reached the Amazon Top 100s for BDSM Erotica and Romantic Erotica, as well as the Top 100 for the overall Erotica category. Congratulations to Natasha! Don’t miss out on this sweet, spicy read. See what people are already saying about this book! ★★★★★  (_SH) “Oh Em Gee, this by far is a ...

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Naughty Immy’s Punishment Makes Top 100!

Carole Archer‘s novella, Naughty Immy’s Punishment, recently entered Amazon’s newly created BDSM Erotica Top 100.  If you are looking for some incredibly hot and naughty age play, medical play, spanking, and so much more, then this one is for you. Come see what people are already saying about this book! ★★★★★  (_SH) “Oh What A Naughty Wife!” If you ...

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Their Firm Men by Emily Tilton

When she hears about the engagement of her sister, Esther, to one of San Francisco’s wealthiest merchants, twenty-five-year-old Amelia Lander decides it is high time she obeyed her mother’s last wish—that she watch over her younger sister. Amelia leaves her teaching job in New York City and travels by train to San Francisco, where she loses no time in calling ...

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Rescued by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman

When Frederica Beauchamp boards a ship for the Americas, she dreams of a life filled with adventure, but she gets more than she bargained for when her passenger ship is attacked by pirates. The heartless men kidnap her and force her to serve their captain—a fate that might be worse than death, since though he does not have his way ...

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Katy In Control by Grant Antrews

While investigating Philadelphia’s underground sex industry, reporter Katy Nicholson discovers the world of S&M. When she tells her husband, David, a former pro football player turned businessman, that she wants to try exploring some of the things she has seen with him, David hesitantly agrees to meet the woman who has been the catalyst of Katy’s recent enthusiasm. Enter dominatrix ...

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