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His Naughty Bride by Chula Stone

When she left her small hometown, Judy planned to prove that she was more than capable of making it on her own without anyone bossing her around. Months later, she isn’t sure whether living in a run-down motel and earning her living serving cocktails while constantly striving to avoid the groping hands of drunken casino patrons counts as making it ...

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Obediently Yours Hits Amazon’s Top 100

We are proud to announce that yesterday and last night Obediently Yours has been skirting the Top 100 in Amazon’s Erotica category! Bella Jackson is a brand-spanking-new author and we’re so pleased at her strong start and her excellent sales so far! See what some others have said about it so far! ★★★★★ (Cabbage) Was Surprised… Good Read Girl meets guy online and ...

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Captive’s Desire by Natasha Knight

Olivia has spent years training to hunt and kill the dangerous savages who live outside the dome which protects her city, and she stands ready to carry out her mission with pride… until the day she is shot down and her life is changed forever. Pulled from the wreckage by a man unlike any she has ever seen—a massive, gruff, ...

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Obediently Yours by Bella Jackson

Siobhan Fitzpatrick is a successful businesswoman who handles her professional responsibilities with skill and confidence, but there is another side to her that very few people ever see. After work in the evenings in the quiet privacy of her bedroom, with the help of the internet, Siobhan seeks to experience the feeling of complete submission to a firm but loving ...

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Eight of the Best by Kenny Walters

This book contains eight short stories from the author of Bend Over, Girl, a writer who many will know from spanking-related magazines and websites. The majority of these stories depict punishments in British and American schools, with one having a near-future setting and another set in an exotic locale. The History Teacher It takes a young teacher time to get ...

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Spankee Doodle Dandy Bloghop Has Begun!

Stormy Night Publications is supporting and contributing prizes to the Spankee Doodle Dandy Blog Hop! If you’ve never done an event like this, then it’s a great way to get a slew of prizes and find a lot of new spanking authors over the weekend! Here’s a re-posting of the rules & potential prizes for the sake of ease, but ...

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Guiding Its Way To The Top 100!

Constance Master‘s newest release, His Firm Guidance has already made Amazon’s Top 100 List in Erotica last night! We’re so proud of Constance (who also is on Amazon’s Top 100 Erotica Authors list!) and her amazing new book! If you like a couple of small-town folk doing what they should have done all along–fall in love and give themselves a ...

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His Firm Guidance by Constance Masters

Since the day that Tyler finally tired of watching Whitney waste her time with one worthless boyfriend after another while going nowhere in life, she has missed both his friendship and his caring encouragement. Looking back, she often wonders how things might have been different if he had actually spanked her as he once threatened. Then, after yet another boyfriend-related ...

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Three Stormy Night Publications Titles Recognized by USA Today!

To our surprise, it was brought to our attention that three of our titles (Correcting Kathy, The Orphan Bride, and The Westerfield Affair) were mentioned in a column in USA Today’s HEA section (this is the Romance Novel subsection of the Books section on their website).  Congratulations to Patricia Green (Correcting Kathy), Renee Rose (The Westerfield Affair), and Chula Stone (The ...

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The Westerfield Affair Makes Two Top 100 Lists!

The Westerfield Affair has been skyrocketing through the charts since it’s been out, climbing lists that are very competitive. As of now, we’re so proud of Renee Rose for making Top 100 in Author Ranking of Historical Romance, and for her new Regency spanking novel, The Westerfield Affair, which is currently on Amazon’s Top 100’s in Historical Romance (Both in Kindle ...

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