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Correcting Kathy by Patricia Green

Kathy would never have imagined that one of the most embarrassing moments of her life could make her the envy of every girl at her small university, but after a stumble in the cafeteria leaves her blushing and Hal Emory drenched in soup, she is stunned when the incident ends with her meeting the young, handsome professor for dinner. She ...

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The Orphan Bride by Chula Stone

For years Ally has lived alone in the rugged lands outside the walls of a community called The Ridge, the only patch of civilization left in this part of what was once the state of Texas. Taught from childhood to trust no one—especially no man—and to do what she must to survive, she lives by foraging and, when the chance ...

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Taken by the Beast Now Takes Top 100!

Taken by the Beast, a hot-as-hell new shape-shifting romance, as well as Natasha Knight‘s first paranormal novel, has made Amazon’s Erotica Top 100 List!  And that’s not all! Right now, because of Natasha’s excellent efforts in the erotica genre, she is also currently #56 in Amazon’s Top 100 Erotica Authors! Congratulations to Natasha Knight, and we’re excited to experience what ...

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Disciplining Little Josey Makes Big Rankings! Top 100!

Disciplining Little Josey, Serafine Lafeaux‘s debut story with Stormy Night Publications, is coming in hot and heavy! This sweet, loving ageplay with hot-and-heavy scenes to get your blood racing has skipped right up to Amazon’s Erotica Top 100! We’re so proud of our new author, and we can’t wait to see what she does next! See what some others have ...

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Taken by the Beast by Natasha Knight

Elijah had watched Kayla for years, serving as a hidden protector for this beautiful young woman—until the night an abusive boyfriend sought to do her harm. Afterwards, he knew that there could be no hiding what had happened, and she would have to come with him whether she liked it or not. Try as she might to convince herself that ...

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Disciplining Little Josey by Serafine Laveaux

Josey Tate has always felt like a little girl lost in a grown-up world. She has muddled through for years, but her unhappiness with her body, her work, and her life in general have continued to build, and when her boss suggests that she make an appointment with a man by the name of Mr. Green—telling Josey only that the ...

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My Naughty Little Secret by Tara Finnegan

From the moment she saw him on her first day at her new job in London, there was something about Michael which annoyed Siobhan Brennan… and something else that pulled her to this stunningly handsome man and his boldly arrogant personality. In spite of her misgivings she soon finds herself out on a date with him, and she is torn ...

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The Unwilling Bride makes Top 100!

Congratulations to D. W., who is currently a Top 100 Erotica Author on Amazon with the release of The Unwilling Bride. The story itself is on Amazon’s Top 100 in Erotica! It seems that people are quite willing to read about this unwilling lady being tamed by her new husband! See what others have said about The Unwilling Bride so far! ★★★★★ (Tasty Cake) @ ...

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Taming Emma in Erotica’s Top 100!

Natasha Knight’s Taming Emma has been tearing up Amazon’s Top 100 with an amazing sales rank and excellent reviews! There’s a reason why this book is selling so well… It’s a fantastic read and it’s hot, hot, hot! Come see what others are saying about it already! See what some others have said about it so far! ★★★★★ (SH) Wow Loved This Story ...

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The Unwilling Bride by D.W. Collins

Dismayed at her impending marriage to a man she does not love, Lady Anivia runs away in the company of a wandering troubadour, only to find herself abandoned by him at the first sign of danger on their journey. Saved from a pack of wolves by the king’s most trusted general, she is brought home and thoroughly examined, cleansed inside ...

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