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Big Rig: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

In the Marines they called me Big Rig. She’ll just call me sir. Alexis Harding is used to telling men exactly what she thinks, but she’s never had a roughneck like me as a boss before. On my rig, I make the rules and sassy little girls get stripped bare, bent over my desk, and taught their place, first with ...

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Ranch Rules: A Cowboy Daddy Romance by Dinah McLeod

On this ranch, naughty girls get spanked. Natalie has always pushed herself to the point of exhaustion, but things come to a head when the twenty-nine-year-old lawyer makes a mistake that costs her firm one of its most valuable clients. Her bosses arrange for Natalie to spend some time on a working ranch, hoping it will clear her mind, but ...

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Auctioned for Their Use by Ivy Barrett

After she is captured by Yashonty marauders, twenty-four-year-old college student Brianne Mortenson is put up for auction. Bare and on display, she blushes crimson as her naked, quivering body is teased and inspected by potential bidders, but the real shock comes when she learns that she has been bought by not one but two huge, intimidatingly sexy alien brutes. King ...

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Gilded Cage: A Dark Romance by Zoe Blake

He made me fear him. Then he made me love him. He’s insanely wealthy and infuriatingly sexy, but that isn’t what leaves my heart racing and my thighs clenching every time I think about him… and about the shameful things he does to me. It isn’t looks or money that make me his. It is fear. Fear of how he ...

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His Princess Brat by Maren Smith and Rayanna Jamison

Twenty-four-year-old Pita Okoro didn’t ask to be heir to the throne of the small African nation of Bahar, and she is less than pleased to be sent to the royal court of Osei to learn how to behave like a princess. Upon her arrival, however, Pita cannot help being both enamored by the king’s handsome American friend Azid and shocked ...

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Mastered by the Wolf by Jinx Neale

After coming upon an injured female shifter in his pack’s territory, Ryder Forrest quickly discovers that she has no memory of her identity. Driven by instinctual need to protect, master, and eventually claim the beautiful woman he decides to call Eve, he brings her home with him. Though Eve runs off into the woods on her own as soon as ...

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Wrecked: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard

She was intended for the auction block. Now she is mine. Aspel didn’t even have a name when I plucked her from the wreckage of the Vargon ship. The beautiful little human was meant to be sold, but there is no need to find a buyer for her anymore. She belongs to me now. Aspel has never known freedom, but ...

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Gladiator: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone

He fought like a beast. Then he claimed me like one. Xander didn’t just win me in the arena. The alien brute claimed me there too, with my punished bottom still burning and my screams of climax almost drowned out by the roar of the crowd. Almost… Victory earned him freedom and the right to take me as his mate, ...

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Tennessee Law by Stella Blanche

When Sophia Connor flees New York City to escape a mafia kingpin, she only plans on making the briefest of stops in her small Tennessee hometown, but Samuel Hunter has other ideas. Upon learning that his old flame is on the run, the stern, handsome local sheriff quickly makes it clear that Sophia will be staying in his town—and obeying ...

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Fated: A Dark Shifter Romance by Delta James

Fate made her his. He just has to hunt her down… For centuries Emma has sought to keep herself from being bound to a mate, immortal or otherwise. But Jean-Cristophe is an alpha wolf, and he will take what belongs to him. She will be claimed, marked, and ravaged until she screams his name, even if that means first stripping ...

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