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Claimed as His Bride by Emily Tilton

Though nineteen-year-old Willa Stevens is excited about her upcoming marriage, she cannot help getting butterflies in her tummy at the thought of what her new husband will expect of his blushing bride. Being made to strip bare and put her virgin body on full display for an intimate, embarrassing medical examination only increases her nervousness, but what truly worries her ...

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Needing Daddy by Vanessa Brooks

Penny needs her daddy. Upon exiting the aircraft after a flight buffeted by frightening turbulence, Penny Forrester emerges into an alternate reality where she has swapped dimensions. She now finds herself a single woman rather than the wife of the firm-handed husband she calls daddy. Undaunted, she sets out to track down the man she loves. When a woman he ...

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Taking Her Back: A Secret Baby Romance by Didi Grayse

He’s going to teach me what happens to bad girls who keep secrets. Since the night Brandon Davis took me in hand I’ve kept a secret. Months of sparring flirtation finally ended with me spanked hard and claimed roughly, and he left me with more than just blushing cheeks and a burning bottom. I never told him about the baby ...

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Seized: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

We took her, and we’re not going to be gentle with her. Delaney Archer got herself mixed up with someone who crossed us, and now she’s going to find out just how roughly and shamefully three bad men like us can make use of her beautiful body. She can plead for mercy, but it won’t stop us from stripping her ...

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Thirst: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Sara Fields

I bear his mark, and soon he will claim what is his. Cain came for me today. Even before he spoke his name his power all but drove me to my knees. Power that can pin me against a wall with just a thought and hold me there as he slowly cuts my clothes from my quivering body, making sure ...

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King’s Mate: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone

A king takes what is his, and she is mine. Her scent drew me to her, but something deeper and more powerful told me she was mine. Something that would not be denied. Something that demanded I claim her then and there. I took her the way a beast takes his mate. Roughly. Savagely. Without mercy or remorse. She will ...

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Daddies: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel

I didn’t ask for a daddy. They decided I needed two. When they caught me putting my nose where it didn’t belong, they didn’t just teach me a lesson. They bared my bottom and spanked me like a naughty little girl. Then they made me call them daddy. This bad girl needs a firm hand. From both of us. She ...

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Alpha Dog: A Rough Romance by Delta James

He didn’t ask what she needed. He just gave it to her. Jordan James is used to doing as she pleases and answering to no one, but when her life is threatened ex-special forces commander Robert Fitzwallace makes it his business to keep her safe. But the stern, sexy Scotsman isn’t just going to protect her. He’s going to master ...

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Guardian Daddy by Morganna Williams

When Abigail Lassiter witnesses a crime with links to the Russian mafia, it is Vincent Jericho who is tasked with protecting her. Vincent is the kind of man who demands obedience and doesn’t take no for answer, and Abigail will be coming with him whether she likes it or not. She’ll also be calling him daddy. Abigail isn’t used to ...

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Harsh Training by Emily Tilton

When a trillionaire oligarch decides he wants her, eighteen-year-old Jane Smith is kidnapped and brought to his home to be used and enjoyed as he pleases. A painful caning leaves her sore, sobbing, and shamefully wet, but it is only when a stern, handsome operative of the Pretorian Guard infiltrates her captor’s estate that Jane truly learns what it means ...

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