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Blush for Daddy by Sara Fields

“Please spank me, Daddy. Please make it hurt.” Only a ruthless bastard would make an innocent virgin say those words when she came to him desperate for help, then savor every quiver of her voice as she begs for something so shameful. I didn’t even hesitate. I made Keri Esposito’s problems go away. Then I made her call me daddy. ...

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The Kidnapped Bride by Jaye Peaches

Though Lady Juliet Lomarda has been promised as a wife to the Duke of Barranto, the marriage has not yet been consummated and the task of escorting the bride to her future husband has been assigned to Captain Stefan Ilian. The trip will be perilous, however, and in order to avoid drawing attention to themselves Stefan will take on the ...

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Taming Their Maiden by Demi Lane

First they will tame her. Then they will breed her. The Kavari protect Esme’s village from the beasts that roam the surrounding lands, but each year the battle-hardened barbarians come down from their mountains to demand a shameful price. This year that price will be Esme. Her beautiful virgin body will be examined to ensure she is suitable for breeding, ...

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Sold to the Russian: A Dark Mafia Romance by Isabella Laase

She was sold. Now she will be claimed. When Zoya Zhvania is shipped off to New York and forced into a marriage with powerful Russian mob boss Pavel Petruskenkov, she expects to be treated cruelly. But as she lies naked and helpless before the man who now owns her, still sore from a stern lesson in obedience over his knee, ...

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His Captive by Kiley Beckett

She thought she could get the best of a billionaire. She ended up as his captive. She was just a sweet, innocent virgin trying to pay her college tuition, wasn’t she? Asking a reclusive billionaire for the tiniest little bit of money in return for keeping the very, very private photo she had taken of him out of the tabloids ...

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Her Shameful Lesson by Emily Tilton

When Carly Williams is caught stealing a pair of sexy panties from a local store in her small Indiana town, the twenty-one-year-old newlywed is handcuffed and brought to the police station, but she is released from custody on the condition that she is punished appropriately at home. Though she does her best to avoid the promised chastisement, Carly soon finds ...

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Nash: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

When he caught me on his property, he didn’t call the police. He just took off his belt. Nash caught me breaking into his shed while on the run from the mob, and when he demanded answers and obedience I gave him neither. Then he took off his belt and taught me in the most shameful way possible what happens ...

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Top Dog: A Rough Romance by Delta James

She was used to doing things her way. Then he took her over his knee. When beautiful, headstrong medic Rhiannon Farrell disobeys her commanding officer and undertakes a dangerous mission on her own, she ends up over black ops soldier Sawyer Barnes’ knee for a painful spanking followed by an even more shameful demonstration of his dominance. But as humiliating ...

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Hunted by the Barbarians by Epsilon Angel

They hunted me, caught me, and claimed me. Now they’re going to share me. Barbarians. Just thinking about the shameful things these beasts would do with a human girl like me should have been enough to keep me out of the forest on Hunting Night, but I went anyway. The moment they caught my scent, my fate was sealed. I ...

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Given to the Highlander by Amelia Smarts and Susannah Shannon

Marisol Adams grew up aboard the space station which has served as humanity’s refuge since the great cataclysm, and when she is sent to join a recently established colony in the Scottish Highlands she quickly discovers that her new life will be quite different. Not only has she been given to the future clan chief as his bride, her new ...

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