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Rough Warrior: A Viking Romance by Maggie Carpenter

He carried her off. Now he will make her his. When Ailith’s village is raided by Vikings, it is the huge, fearsome warrior Ulrick who takes her as his prize. She does her best to fight him off, but a humiliating public display of her forced submission leaves her blushing crimson, and when her new master claims and ravages her ...

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The Admiral’s Ward by Dinah Mcleod

When her father arranges an unwanted marriage for her, eighteen-year-old Delia McDowe runs away from home and seeks to travel across the sea. After regaling him with a fanciful tale of woe, she is able to convince Admiral James McCray to grant her passage on his ship, but the strict gentleman makes it clear that during the voyage she will ...

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Kodiak: A Rough Shifter Romance by Delta James

He’s the biggest, baddest bear around… and he’s claimed me as his mate. I didn’t need to go to Kodiak Island to find a beast like him in the wild. He found me. He stripped me, spanked me, and then took me roughly and savagely. I ran from him, the thought of another night of brutal, desperate climaxes and quivering, ...

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Taken: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

In my world, a bride can be given… or she can be taken. When Winter O’Brien was given to me, she thought she had a say in the matter. She was wrong. She is my bride. Mine to claim, mine to punish, and mine to use as shamefully as I please. The sting of my belt on her bare bottom ...

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Captured: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance By Mary Auclair

I’m going to punish her. Then I’m going to make her mine. This little human female thought she could attack a Drakian royal cruiser and get away with it, but I captured her, and the price she pays for her arrogance will be as humiliating as it is painful. She will not just be punished. She will be bound to ...

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Tex’s Little Girl By Pepper North

When a big, strong, handsome soldier tells off a customer who was treating her poorly, pastry chef Rosie Perez soon finds herself baking cookies for her rescuer… and calling him daddy. Tex is the kind of daddy who will cuddle her when she’s upset. He’s also the kind who will take his little girl over his knee and spank her ...

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Toxic: A Dark Romance by Zoe Blake

My little bird escaped her cage. I will bring her back. She is mine, and she belongs in my arms and in my bed. She must be reminded of that. Painfully. Each time she defies me, the consequences will be more severe and her surrender will be more shameful. When I’m done she will be sore and sorry, but I’m ...

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Say Daddy: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel

He didn’t just spank me like a naughty little girl. He made me call him daddy. When I pushed him too far, he put me over his knee. I begged and pleaded, but the punishment didn’t stop. Not until he heard me say it. Not until I called him daddy. She knows what she needs, but I’m going to make ...

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Shared by the Pirates by Emily Tilton

When nineteen-year-old Lady Evangeline Stratford learns that her father has arranged a marriage for her in order to pay off his debts, she plans her escape on a merchant ship bound for America, but it is only after she is already helpless on the high seas that the truth about the vessel’s crew is revealed. The men are pirates, and ...

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