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Daddy’s Property by Sara Fields

I’ll call her mine. She’ll call me daddy. As Cami Davis stands in front of me in her nightgown, cheeks blushing and voice quavering, I know what she’s come to ask me even before she can muster the courage to speak the words. Did I really mean what I said to her earlier tonight? Would I really take her over ...

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Taken by the Aliens by Samantha Madisen

She came for a business deal. She ended up taken as a mate. Mina Groza arrived on Astrogoda 9 as the representative of a major development corporation hoping to negotiate the purchase of a chunk of property, but instead of a hefty commission what she got was a very humiliating, very public bare bottom spanking over an alien warrior’s knee. ...

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Sweet Brutality: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake

The more she fights me, the more I want her. That beautiful, sassy mouth of hers makes me want to push her to her knees and dominate her. I’m a Russian arms dealer and she’s an innocent college student who doesn’t even know she belongs to me yet, but that will change when I yank those skimpy shorts down and ...

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Captor: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone

He’s going to breed me, but not until I’ve begged for it. I was supposed to be safe from the lottery. Set apart for a man who would treat me with dignity. But as I’m probed and examined in the most intimate, shameful ways imaginable while the hulking alien king who just spanked me looks on approvingly, I know one ...

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Defiance: A Dark Bratva Romance by Sassa Daniels

She’s going to fight me. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Mila Lenkov may be defiant, but we both know why her hair is gripped in my fist so she has no choice but to watch every shameful moment in the mirror as she’s roughly and painfully ravaged. She was bound to my bed because she needed to be ...

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Claiming Clementine: A Steamy Western Romance by Maggie Carpenter

Once he claims her, he’s going to keep her. On the run from ruthless outlaws, Clementine Cassidy arrives in the town of Fairstone only to stumble across Ted Lambert, the man who was her self-proclaimed protector growing up. After discovering that the place is under the thumb of a crooked sheriff, she takes it upon herself to do something about ...

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Sold by the Alien: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard

He’s going to sell me to aliens. But not really. It’s complicated… Zed saved me from being eaten, so he’s got that going for him. On the other hand he’s an alien, a big green one, and after he’s inspected me quite intimately and spanked me until I know who’s boss he’s planning to auction me off for whatever shameful ...

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Alpha Brute: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Sara Fields

He asked neither permission nor forgiveness. He just claimed me as his. I knew Elijah Baumann was a brute before he ripped off my clothes and blistered my bare backside with his belt. I knew it even before he mounted and rutted me with that same belt pulled tight around my throat to hold me helplessly in place for every ...

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