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His Errant Ward by Celeste Jones

Though he is tasked with ensuring that Natalia Waltham marries a gentleman chosen by her father before his death, Zander Thwaite finds his beautiful ward’s charms difficult to resist, especially when her rebellious nature forces him to strip her bare and spank her soundly. Natalia’s petulant behavior persists despite her guardian’s best efforts to tame her, however, and when an ...

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The Warrior’s Pet by Samantha Madisen

After she is captured, enslaved, and sold, Aveera’s first introduction to her new owner comes in the form of a humiliating inspection and a bare bottom spanking, and she soon discovers that this shameful ordeal is just the beginning of what is in store for her in her new life as an alien’s pet. Though Drak is forbidden from breeding ...

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Captured and Claimed: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Delta James

She never wanted to be a wolf. That won’t keep her mate from claiming her. Taken captive, held prisoner, and turned against her will by the leader of a rogue pack, Shannon Livingston was just about to be sold at auction. Then an alpha wolf decided she belonged to him. The moment James Norris sets eyes on Shannon, bare and ...

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Daddy’s Belt by Kelly Dawson

She’s been spoiled her entire life. Now it’s time for her to get a taste of daddy’s belt. After her father’s death, Melanie Smith is shocked to learn that he was so deep in debt even his house will be seized by his creditors. Homeless, penniless, and with no job prospects in America, she has little choice but to return ...

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Kept for Their Use by Ivy Barrett

Jasmine Aldrich has spent years perfecting the art of enticing and manipulating men, but now two stern, sexy aliens have decided to claim her for themselves and she is totally unprepared for what is in store for her. These huge, handsome brutes aren’t just going to strip Jasmine bare and teach her what happens to a naughty little human who ...

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Rogue Holds a Top 50 Spot

Piper Stone‘s latest release, Rogue: A Dark Cyborg Romance, has made the Top 50 in Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance category, along with the Top 100 in Romantic Suspense! Congratulations, Piper!

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