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Taken by the Wolves by Sassa Daniels

She was given to them to teach her a lesson. Then they took her as theirs. When Carolina di Angelo ends up banished by her pack as a result of her sister’s scheming, she is sent to stay in the home of Neil and Duncan MacDonald. But the two devilishly handsome Scottish shifters have no interest in a ward or ...

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Pet by Sara Fields

Even before Chloe Banks threw a drink in my face in front of a room full of powerful men who know better than to cross me, her fate was sealed. I had already decided to make her my pet. I would have taught her to obey in the privacy of my penthouse, but her little stunt changed that. My pet ...

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His Caged Virgin: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Marlee Wray

She’s protected her virginity at all costs. He’s going to take that and much, much more. When she was caught in an illegal, compromising position with the rugged, handsome mercenary who just saved her life, Gissandre lied to save herself, sending Larsinc to prison in the process. Now that he’s out, he’s not just going to make her pay. He’s ...

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Taken by the Mercenary by Stella Rising

She was an innocent virgin. Then I took her as mine. Keelah may be a priestess on a sacred mission, but the planet where she is heading is no place for a beautiful little human like her. She’s going to need the kind of protection money can’t buy. The kind that comes from belonging to an alien brute like me. ...

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Bulldog: A Rough Romance by Delta James

She wears the collar because she is his. She is his because her body knew its master. The moment Olivia Miles resorted to fighting dirty in a fencing match, Lord Nigel Pederson decided to teach her a shameful lesson, but as her quivering bottom reddened under his punishing hand the arousal pooling between her thighs made it clear she needs to be ...

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Bound by His Command: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

This morning she was my employee. Tonight she is my property. Willow danced for the rich and powerful at the world’s most exclusive club… until tonight. Tonight I told her she belongs to me now, and no other man will touch her again. Tonight I ripped her soaked panties from her beautiful body and taught her to obey with my ...

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Training Planet by Emily Tilton

Britana Geran had been blissfully unaware of the consequences of her planet’s defeat by the Magisterians, but that all changed when she was summoned to a training center to be prepared for her new role as a pleasure girl under the authority of the captain of a Magisterian warship. Within moments of entering the facility, Britana finds herself naked and ...

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Mustang: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

I tried to tell him how to run his ranch. Then he took off his belt. When I heard a rumor about his ranch, I confronted Mustang about it. I thought I could go toe to toe with the big, tough former Marine, but I ended up blushing, sore, and very thoroughly used. I told her it was going to ...

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The Doctor’s Duties by Cariad Hal

Struggling to pay the bills with her job at a hospital, Thea Day is excited by the opportunity to work at a prestigious clinic run by Dr. Matteo Bruno. The offer comes with an embarrassing condition, however. She must submit to a series of very thorough, very intimate examinations and any additional procedures her new boss might deem necessary, sometimes ...

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